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Sep 4, 2016
Unknown Regions
It was going to be a late lunch, but better late than never. Well, alright - so it was 11 PM - but who cares about time in space when everything around you is almost always dark? In space, it's always perpetual night. It causes people to develop strange sleep patterns. And it is a universally accepted part of life on board a spaceship.

The one advantage of having a 'late lunch' is that you often end up having the mess hall exclusively to yourself. Well, almost. Jilly is usually still about, and in fact, she seems to be omni-present, appearing just when you least expect it - or when you think she's just gone to bed. Nope. That women never sleeps. Her kitchen is her castle, and she guards it like Brats guards his Bantha-flavored rawhide bones. With tenacious zeal.

Lucky for Raine, Jilly was not here when the Jedi knight arrived. The only noise in the kitchen itself was being made by droids, judging by the consistent whirr and clang of metal on the floor. Otherwise, she could sense no sentient presence in the kitchen. Well, except for... nope, there was someone else in there with her! But not in the open area, oh no.... Someone was clearly getting the droids to make noise so that he (or she) could raid the kitchen - possibly to look for Jilly's infamous....snack chamber?!

"Oooh, Eeeethan....." Raine cooed softly, now that she was firmly locked on a familiar life signature skulking in the back. "Just because I can't see you, doesn't mean you're not there...." Tiptoeing softly toward the kitchen door, she fully expected to catch the kid with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar...

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