FREEFORM Sol Damerin

Sol Damerin

Apr 8, 2018

Portrayed By: Danial Craig

Sol Damerin

”Jedi? Sith? They are both crappy religions in my book.”

Nickname or Alias: None
Age: 32
Birth Year: -28BBY
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Homeworld: Courscant
Affiliation: To himself
Rank: Grumpy Old Merc
Force Sensitive: Yes

Height: 5’11”
Weight: 80Kg
Hair Color: Chestnut
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: Fair

Appearance: A little under average height Sol possesses the lean wiry physique of all Jedi swordsmen. His skin is fair bordering on pale, his jaw strong if a bit angular, his pale blue eyes are a tad sunken, his nose is aquiline. He keeps his chestnut brown hair cut short and he usually has some stubble on his cheeks. Overall, he could best be described as rugged.

Personality: Generally speaking Sol is a taciturn person, however, he can get quite chatty under the right circumstances. Usually when he is lecturing people, either on their own stupidity or the force. His default emotion seems to be stoicism meshed with dry wit, he can seem nearly unshakable at times, in fact he just might be, and because of this he sometimes comes off as having no sense of humor. In truth, he does he is just so incredibly dry in his delivery most people miss it.

Strengths & Weaknesses:
  • Powerful in the force
  • Stoic
  • Observant
  • Issues with authority
  • Partially self taught
  • Looks older than he is

Relations: None
BIOGRAPHY: Born on Coruscant years before the Clone Wars Sol was identified as a Force-sensitive in the cradle. Like most, this means he was taken in by the order without ever getting the chance to know any other life. There wasn't anything particularly special about Sol, his gift with the Force was more or less average, his aptitude in his studies was fairly average, and he had a fairly average number of friends among his fellow students. The only thing that made him somewhat unique was a natural ambidexterity which lead to him learning the Jer'Kai lightsaber forms. This more than anything contributed to him being selected as padawan to Jedi Master Drell Vaso, who shared the young Sol's unique trait.

Underneath Master Vaso's tutelage, Sol began to blossom showing far more promise than he had as an initiate. This was mostly due to Vaso having a rather loose adherence to the Jedi Code and treating Sol more like a son than an apprentice. Being given a measure of familial affection he'd never known he was starved for Sol worked tirelessly to make Vaso proud, making up for a lack of talent with hard work. This eventually paid off when he became a full Jedi Knight soon after he turned twenty, unfortunately, this was not the only thing to happen soon after he turned twenty.

The Clone Wars started soon after Sol was inducted as a full member of the order. Since he was still so green he continued to work with his former Master as they participated in the Jedi's early battles. Vaso was of the opinion that the Jedi should not involve themselves in the war but was unwilling to let his fellows fight without him, a philosophy his apprentice shared at first. After a year of fighting the young Sol was beginning to grow cynical and jaded his generally rose-colored view of the order fading away. This came to a head during a minor skirmish on Dantooine where tragedy struck.

Master and apprentice were aboard a troop carrier that was shot down by an unexpected anti-aircraft installation. Using the Force Master Vaso managed to absorb the brunt of the impact when the ship landed but against the odds a piece of shrapnel from the explosion had pierced his chest. The man who had been like a father to Sol died in his arms. His view of the order already dimmed by the war, Sol found his faith in the Jedi shattered with his master's death. Sol fled the battlefield and was put down as KIA when it proved impossible to identify all the bodies in the immolated remains of the wreckage.

Disenfranchised Sol became a mercenary, avoiding work for the two major factions and instead lending assistance to minor players within the theater of war. He also started seeing a psychiatrist and worked through his grief slowly over time. These days he still works as a mercenary and he still explores the mysteries of the Force. However, he has developed his own philopshy which differs quite a bit from the Jedi one.


1. Possessions:
Weapons: Two shot lightsabers(white and red) with modified hilts to be disguised as vibroblades, a blaster pistol.
Apparel: Battle chest piece, pants, long sleeved shirt
Tools, other items: utility belt with standard gear, ripcord, comlink, rations, water, a few grenades, and other small odds and ends
Vehicles/Starship: Hitchhikes

2. Force Level: Master

Player Info
Where are you from: Canada EST
Age: 26
Gender: Male
How did you find us? Raine
Contact: Discord, Jake#7556
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Sol Damerin

Apr 8, 2018
Character Type: INITIATE or VETERAN
Character Species:
Age: (standard years)
Height: (metric units, please)
Weight: (metric units, please)
Character Move: (depends on your chosen species)
Personal Quote:
Character Health Points: (determined by your STRENGTH roll; GM must be present to witness roll in chat)
Character Initiative: (determined by your PERCEPTION roll; GM must be present to witness roll in chat)
Morality: (any number between -30 and +30 to designate your character's moral 'leanings')
Renown: (most characters start with 0 unless they have accumulated a certain 'notoriety' throughout the Galaxy)
Spent FP: N/A
Character Pic: (URL to a hosted image)
Character Bio: (write out your character's history - the more detail, the better)
Personality: (same as above)

Character Traits:
Character Trait Modifier: (see your chosen species for this)
List positive traits
List negative traits
Total of positive and negative (including character trait modifier), should be at 0, or a negative number


DEX Skills:
Skill (+D , D)
├ (S) Skill: Specialization
└ ADV. [Advanced] Skill
STR Skills:

KNO Skills:

PERC Skills:

MECH Skills:

TECH Skills:

See any notes on these with respect to your chosen species, then copy/paste if applicable.
Special Abilities:
Story Factors:

Character Points: 5
Learning: (skill name)
Teacher: Choose a Teacher (must be another PC already with that skill on their Character Sheet)
Sims Left: --
Character Credits:
Force Sensitive?: Yes/No
Force Path: (Light, Dark, Neutral, etc.)
Force Rank: (Initiate, if applicable)
Master (if applicable):
Character FP:
Development Points:
Midichlorian Count: (finalized with the Game Master)


Initiate Power (+D , D)
├ Padawan Power(+D , D)
└ Knight Power(+D , D)
SENSE Powers:

ALTER Powers:

Feel free to jot down items from the equipment section of this post. All equipment is finalized with the Game Master in live chat, prior to the character sheet being approved.
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We have put up a Freeform Character Application Template for those who do not wish to participate in live RP sessions. Feel free to take a look and copy/paste it into yours, filling in all fields to the best of your ability. If you have any questions, please PM me here or send me a DM on Discord.

I hope this helps!
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