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OOC: This is the briefing for the sim session I am GM'ing on 08/18/2019. Enjoy

Across the decks of the Orion, personal communicators were activating. Through the channel, the calm baritone of Captain Matthias Jayne's voice was being heard by several people.

"Command and Aurek level personnel please report to the briefing room on Deck 6, room A3 for a Priority Tasking Briefing. Thank you."

The call had gone out. Matthias was standing at the lectern, waiting for the members of his Strike Team to arrive. This was going to be a dangerous and unorthodox mission, and he wanted to make sure he gave the group as much information as possible. He was preparing his slides and sipping his water, watching the group enter one by one. His good left eye looking at each of them in turn. He hated sending his friends out into danger, knowing full well that some of them might not come back. The Force had been with them so far, and though they've taken some hard hits, thankfully everyone was still with them.

As the last person sat down and the conversations died down, he hit the button to dim the lights. "Thank you all for coming, I will keep this briefing short and simple. As you know, the Albionian Navy has been getting pressed back on all fronts. Even the slightest victory seems to be immediately followed by a crushing defeat. Alliance Intelligence has been working on finding ways to hamper the enemy's combat capabilities and help out the Navy. They believe they may have found something that can do just that."

Pulling up his first slide, Matthias lets the group study it for a moment. It's not much, just a single shot of what looks like a base on an asteroid...

Asteroid Base.png

Turning back to the group, he starts speaking again. "As you can see, the Rakata have a base set up on this asteroid in the Aros Sector of contested space. I want you all to take a look at this image. It is the only one able to be brought back...The. Only. One. The Navy sent in three recon birds to check this out. Only one of them made it back and this was the only image it was able to take. The AA towers that ring the base are hyper accurate and when tracking you, the shipboard sensors do NOT detect it. So either it's something the Navy hasn't seen before, or something else is guiding the guns. That leaves us in quite a predicament."

"Task Force Hope has been tasked with traveling into the sector, bypassing all enemy patrols and sending in a strike team to infiltrate the listening post. Due to the AA towers, any flights in will have to be on the far side of the asteroid, and forcing the insertion team to travel over the asteroid on foot in void suits. Thankfully, the installation appears to have no defense against an assault from a strike team on the surface. Once you get past the perimeter and into the installation proper, you will be tasked with killing the AA systems, destruction of the listening arrays, and then extraction by shuttle. Also while you are there, any information that can be gathered and passed onto Alliance Intelligence will be greatly appreciated. Once you've exfiltrated, the Orion will be clear to destroy the asteroid and the base."

Gesturing to a spot towards the southern pole of the asteroid. "We'll be inserting the team out of the AA envelope and in a sensor shadow. You'll be forced to coast in under minimal power until you pass the horizon of the base. Once you're boots on the ground, you'll move as quickly as the low gravity will allow you, to a point here, on the south eastern part of this picture. There's a valley there and you can use it to get close to the perimeter. Once inside, all bets are off. The recon flight didn't get to do more than a surface scan, and a quick one at that. The pilot didn't detect any life signs, but strangely, he did detect a breathable atmosphere inside the facility. We don't know why that is true. You'll be tasked with finding out. Your extraction point is smack dab in the middle of the compound. Vroom will be bringing the shuttle in to pick you all up. I know how much you all love flying with him."

Now he had to give the news he didn't like. "I will not be in the base with you for this mission. I will be flying command in a shuttle just beyond sensor range. I will also have shuttles with two squads of Marines on standby in case you need assistance. I doubt you will, but you never know. Once everyone is clear, we can blast that place to atoms. Time is of the essence, so if you have no questions, then lets get to it. And may the Force be with you."

He tried to look each and every person in the eye as they got up. He hoped to see them all again.
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