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Cal Jeth

The Lion King
Dec 13, 2017
Michigan, USA
Cal Jeth sat in his quarters, battling a sense of excitement that kept threatening to well up inside himself; he was about to ask Uri for help in cracking the encrypted files Raine, Xadao, and he had brought back from their venture into the Green District. So far, none had been able to do it. Rumor had it the Mandalorian had the skills to make it happen; all that remained was to ask for her help.

Looking at his datapad, he cracked his knuckles, then typed out his message:

Ms. Varde,

A couple of us have come across a computer file that is encrypted beyond our ability to crack. I was told
you were the one person who might be able to help us. I therefore humbly ask your assistance, at your convenience, of course, and I thank you for your time and consideration.

Most Sincerely,

Padawan Jeth

The Arkanian sent the message, then tucked his datapad away; he knew Uri would answer, or not, in her own time, and that nothing would change that. Although he was indeed curious to peruse the contents of the encrypted files, he knew this to simply be a desire, not a need; he was therefore easily able to be patient.

Standing, he crossed his quarters, standing before one of the many bare spaces on his cabin walls. His Jedi training had taught him not to place value in things, for they could easily be stolen or destroyed. His years spent dodging the Empire hadn't allowed him the luxury of keeping many possessions; all he'd ever truly owned were a few sets of clothing, and the training materials handed down through his family, and what he could quickly gather after Master Kinadra had been killed.

Looking again at the bare space before him, he nodded, then reached into a cabinet, pulling out a display stand he'd bought from one of the vendors in town. After a few minutes, he'd mounted the display to his wall, making sure it was level. He reached once more into the cabinet, retrieving the 3,000 year-old lightsaber he'd retrieved on a recent mission; he took several moments to visually inspect the ancient weapon, fascinated that it had survived this long, although his intuition told him it would fall apart, or worse, were he to try to ignite it, or try to repair it. So, instead, he reverently placed the hilt on the display stand, then stepped back. The weapon spoke to him, teaching him valuable lessons. ~A lightsaber does not make you infallible; nor does it guarantee you victory in battle. There will always be someone better than you. All you can do is to prepare yourself the very best you can, and strive in all things to be the very best you can. Honor the Force, and those around you, and you will always know true victory.~

The young Jedi smiled, pleased with the disposition of the old lightsaber, glad that he was humble enough to find such lessons in situations others might find trivial. He determined to always be so.

Turning on his heel, Cal left his quarters, heading for Jilly's; his stomach was beginning to rumble, and he decided to fix that. He also made a mental note to get some kind of soft lighting to use to accent the new display in his room.

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