PRIVATE The Day After

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Story follows the events of Fancy Meeting You Here
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Sep 26, 2019
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The internal clock wouldn't budge but the chronometer laying somewhere in the vicinity of Red's abandoned clothing certainly worked well enough.


The Albionian stirred, shaken to the core. What's going on?! She reached out with her eyes closed, expecting to hit something that would stop the alarm, to no avail. The buzzing continued and it seemed to grow louder. Fingertips, splayed in some haphazard way, reaching for stuff that wasn't there - missed. It did not stop her from searching although one eye did crack open, slowly...

Ugh... reminder: never drink so much cheap wine while on the job. Thankfully, and hopefully - no one caught me being a loose cannon - last night.

Lumbering body, though slender, weighed down the side of the bed as Red reached down with all her might to find her armaments belt. It took a moment for Red to feel around for the thing she wanted, hopefully still on the floor - where she had last abandoned it. "Ugh..."

Her throat stilled, unsure if she was alone or not. It hadn't crossed her mind - until now - to check, whoever else might have been in bed with her...

Lifting up her head cautiously, slowly... as to emit as little noise as possible, she grabbed at the belt and pulled it toward her, creating quite a bit of ruckus. At that point, Red wasn't too concerned as to who heard it. She was focused on making sure today was her actual day off and that she wasn't hours late for her regular shift. Digging around in the belt for the device she required, a chronometer with a calendar device that also served as a comm unit, she quickly scanned for the information displayed on the interface. Phew! No shift tonight. In fact, she had the next forty-eight hours off, to make up for the past ten days she worked, in a row.

Rolling onto her back while dropping the belt to the floor, she emitted another, yet a much more audible, sigh.

"Thank goodness..."

It took another minute before her gaze shifted to the other half of the bed, now that it had finally occurred to her, to check it. Her residual memory started flooding back, reminding her of the unlikely events of the prior evening. The young woman was crashing here, thinking this was her room, but later found out she was not alone. There was another occupant here, and not an altogether unwelcome one...

What was his name, again?
Matthias. Matthias Jayne.

Red recalled a sudden euphoria of passion taking over, but not much past that. Maybe Matt had answers to whatever questions she felt lurking inside her mind... Staring at the body of the prone figure, still in his dreaming state perhaps - she touched his shoulder lightly, hoping the sudden tactile contact would not prevent an unfavorable reaction from the man...
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