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Mirran Kai

Sep 26, 2019
Farthest reaches of the galaxy

Mirran never stayed put in one location for too long. She was Miraluka after all and in this Dark Galaxy ran by power crazed Sith and their minions who had waged a genocidal war against anyone who had an inkling of the Force. For Mirran or any Miraluka that was a death sentence. She had heard stories that Alpheradies, her home was under the Empire's thumb. what had happened to her parents, the Luka Sene, the Jedi. Mirran was a Luka Sene, a student of a Miraluka Force tradition. But Luka Sene were not as harsh as the Jedi Order that her mother had been raised into because anyone could live a normal everyday life and still be a Luka Sene.

Mirran tried her best to hide the fact she was a Miraluka by using a cane and "feeling" her way with it.

She had made her way to Tatooine, there was something about this place that despite the scorching heat of two blistering suns that called to her. She felt something here, what that was Mirran couldn't figure out. But she sat down in the city of Mos Espa with a bowl in hand. She was feeling hunger and she hoped that someone would take pity on a blind begger and throw in a few credit chips in. Yet begging could attract unwanted attention.

Mirran gave a low sigh...from being the daughter of two distinguished ambassadors to being a begger. This certainly wasn't exactly what Mirran had hoped for her life. Yet...perhaps one day the shadow of Bogan would retreat and Ashla would rise.

Bogan was the Dark and Ashla was the Light. Each had their season. Now was the season of Bogan. Bogan that was cruel, who had great influence on the Empire and whose cruel Emperor had killed her parents. For all intents, Mirran should have been angry. Should have wanted revenge but Mirran felt that revenge was a black hole. If you threw in anger, and hate it never was satisfied. No Mirran had no anger, just sadness. She missed her parents. She sighed perhaps things would eventually get better.
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