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NOTICE Upgrade Rules Adjustments

Davin Kabak

Almighty HGM
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Game Master
The HGM and the SGM have jointly decided to introduce an adjustment to the current Upgrade Rules, in order to better promote a ratio of growth between newer player characters and experienced ones as originally intended.

As such, effective immediately, all player characters may upgrade any Attribute, Skill, or Force Power up to the level of 5D without a Species Maximum opposed roll by the GM. This effectively counts as an automatic success for upgrade purposes. All applicable upgrade costs, rules, and limits for successful upgrades still apply.

Other upgrades that do not require Species Maximum opposed rolls, such as Initiative, Hit Points, and the like, as well as all other skills and abilities above 5D, will continue to follow the opposed roll rules as normal.

The HGM will announce the beginning of an Open Upgrade Period lasting approximately 1 week, during which time upgrades that fit the above description may be submitted via PM. The entire Open Upgrade Period will count as a single Upgrade Session for rules purposes. Any other upgrades, purchases, or upgrades that require rolls will still need to be made in the presence of a GM as normal.

We hope that this change will benefit newer characters and players, as well as enhance the experience for those who cannot attend every session.

May the Force Be With You!


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Unknown Regions
Also, for the month of December - in lieu of Winter Holidays - we will have double rewards for all sims attended.
Minimum 2 hrs attendance & participation is required for all REGULAR and TRAINING sims.
For all character sims taking place - 1 hour of attendance & participation is required.
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