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It had been a few weeks since his return from Albion Prime and his near death experience with the so called Albion Liberation Front. They were a bunch of thugs and terrorists that were hell bent on overthrowing the Albion Royal Confederacy and opening the door for the Rakata to resume control of this part of space. Well, he had put a stop to that, with the help of the others here on board the Orion. A few of the Marines had been lost, and several wounded, but the overall mood was bright. They had walked into Hell to get their Captain back, and were proud to have done it. And the squad that had HALO jumped in with Davin? They were cleaning their jump wings at least once a day.

Matthias had written home to the families of those that were lost, and amazingly they had already gotten some replacements. Apparently the demand for this unit was fierce as the Marines all seemed to want to join in the fight with 'Task Force Hope', or so they were unofficially called. Matthias just smiled as he stood in 6-C1-L, the "Forport" Observation Lounge on Deck 6. He was watching the stars go by as the ship was traveling through the Albion system, and he was content for the first time in a long time.

He reached up with his left hand, idling fingering the eye patch that covered his left eye. That bastard Titus had taken it during the torture, and thankfully Matt didn't remember the pain - though the bloody thing itched from time to time. It had put a damper on his shooting and his dexterity somewhat, but he was learning to compensate for it. He was lost in his own musings, when he heard footsteps coming up from behind him...
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