PUBLIC Wild Nights....

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On board the Orion--maybe be leaving later on (?)

Phoenix Star

Oct 31, 2019
Flying around the galaxy
Wild nights - Wild nights!
Were I with thee
Wild nights should be
Our luxury!

~Emily Dickinson​

Nix grinned she was getting itchy being on this ship. And Force help a smuggler who has itchy feet and a taste for liquor and a sabbac deck in her pockets. Phoenix was looking for something to do and this ship was for a smuggler bore fest central. She was looking for trouble or maybe trouble was looking for her, it all depended on how anyone wanted to look at it and despite the fact that Phoenix was a Jedi initiate she was very much a smuggler born and bred. She was twirling her Jedi credit in her fingers and looking around for something anything to do. Perhaps she was simply looking for a partner in crime or someone to share a wild night with her. Nix had made sure her hair was washed and laid back because she had quite a few cowlicks that often stood up and gave her troubles. She had washed and put on her best set of clothing and now was ready for anything.
Not open for further replies.