NOTICE World of Warships 'Fun' In-Game Shortcuts

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World of Warships 'Fun' In-Game Shortcuts

1. To hit the horn on your ship, press N. Be aware that only ships within a certain distance of you will be able to hear it. Unsure if honking that thing within the vicinity of enemies who have not spotted you yet - will help them spot you.

2. To issue commands, B and click whatever command you want. Check in your keybind settings, if you have them enabled, etc.

3. To request support for a allied ship, or concentrate fire on an enemy ship, put aiming reticle over the target and press F3.

4. To fire and follow the shell with the camera, click the scroll wheel on your mouse.

5. Before unleashing an ammo inferno on your enemy, fire a pilot shot and see where it lands.Then make quick adjustments to ensure that the rest of your volley hits home.

6. For sequential fire, click and hold your left mouse button.

  • Researching Phoenix (tier 4 USN CL) will grant you the Mark 11 torpedoes for free on the Clemson (tier 4 USN DD), which will save you 1,700 XP. Hence, it is recommended to research the Phoenix before the Clemson, if you can.
  • Researching Tenryu (tier 3 IJN CL) before the Umikaze (tier 2 IJN DD) will grant you the Type 44 mod.2 torpedoes for free, which will save you 500 XP.
  • Researching Kuma (tier 4 IJN CL) before the Wakatake (tier 3 IJN DD) will grant you the Type 6 torpedoes for free, which will save you 1,600 XP.
  • Researching Aoba (tier 6 IJN CA) before the Mutsuki (tier 6 IJN DD) will grant you the Type 8 mod. 2 torpedoes for free, which will save you 9,500 XP.
  • On the Myoko (tier 7 IJN CA) you can research the Type 90 mod. 1 torpedoes for 11,000 XP, which is 5,400 XP cheaper than doing so on the Hatsuharu (tier 7 IJN DD) where it costs 16,400 XP.
8. While not directly associated with the CTRL function, the P key will disable your secondary batteries and anti-aircraft guns. This is recommended when you are trying to stay hidden, such as behind an island or, better still, in a smoke screen. Destroyers will benefit from this stealthy trick the most, but even a cruiser or battleship might remain undetected for a crucial second or two more by being quiet. Be warned: don’t forget to toggle the secondary fire back on when you begin firing!

9. When your crosshair is placed over an enemy, pressing this button will radio for your allies to fire on your designated target and put a large red arrow above their ship. Strangely, however, this function comes out of the box unmapped. Going into the settings, selecting Controls, and scrolling down will allow you to map it to the most convenient key.

10. The last use of the ALT key is perhaps the least well known, but absolutely lethal when used correctly. Torpedoes are equipped with two salvo firing modes that are displayed on your HUD from the beginning, using the 3 button by default to switch between them. While the narrow spread or wide spread work most of the time, there are a few times that the narrow isn’t narrow enough or wide quite as sweeping as you need. Using ALT unlocks a third mode: individual torpedo launches. Using the ALT key allows a player to snipe the Torpedoes with greater precision, or flood a lane with bubbling doom. I can appreciate why the salvo is the default, but having the individual launching as an option (albeit very buried one) is fantastic.

If you know of any other helpful tips and tricks for playing the game, feel free to share them below!

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