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May 5, 2017
It was a good day.

It was decided as junie entered her quarters. Good progress had been made on the repairs to the Orion, nothing broke catastrophically, no casualties in the process and sh didn't have to kill anyone. Normally long frustrating days full of at least a hundred different working variables that all needed to be in balance or something would likely shatter at the most improper time was a exhausting experience of arguments over this thing and that, as such was the misery of corraling intelligent people who all think they are right and all think different things all at the same time.

Junie was not much of a manager, she was beginning to realize, not diplomatic enough for the majority of the talking bit. But her efficacy in nearly anything ships helped keep her crew confident in what she thought, that alone has been keeping engineering working without issue.

She mused about the idea of a strange alien commanding men many times her age around a ship she wasn't familiar with less than a year before as she checked her rooms air filter readout twice before taking off her mask and taking a deep breath of "fresh" air. it was certainly cooler and crisper than the filtered air of her face mask. humming gently to herself as she prepares to settle down for the evening. Her cream and green cloak bing hung up on a wall and most of her tech and bundling being folded and placed at the door. followed by her over packed satchel that was quickly wearing out after such long use. She already patched it with ventilation tape. But being overweight for just so long was starting to burn out the old bag. She hrmmed over the puzzle for a moment but decided it could wait until morning when her brain wasn't so fried.

Her room was just a bit too cramped to be cozy, packed with stuff of all sorts with just enough room for someone her size to navigate it without issue. the heat of the room was just high enough to be uncomfortable for most, as she found most of the world a bit too cold to be comfortable. Taking off her boots and gloves she stretched out to get ready for the mild workout she did during the week. Only to realize, she forgot cardio and groaned gently. She really didn't want to, especially after gearing down.

Eventually raw discipline won out. but only just. Double checking her boots for unnecessary wear and putting most everything back on, deciding to skip the extra layers other than her robe and just be cold for the ten seconds she wouldn't be running. she walked out of her room, locked it once more and shivered gently as she stretched out and began a slow jog as she slowly ramped up to a run. Wondering where she was going to run to today...well, actually they were crash landed on a beach, and she always heard beaches at night were nice. Might as well go see if it was true, and it was at least a half mile if she decided to take a long way through the ship and use the stairs instead of the lifts.

Destination set, off she went without a word, pondering about this and that as she settled into a running pace.

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