Star Wars Odyssey is a D6-Hybrid role-playing community, based on the Star Wars RPG by West End Games. We are focused on camaraderie and creative writing. New members are always welcome!
Star Wars Odyssey is a Mature Writing Community. Hence, all prospective members must be at least 18 years of age or older, to join.

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Training sim rewards applied x2.
Sim will start an hour late tomorrow (Sun, Nov. 4th) and run 3-6 PM CST.
New default skin updates have been applied. Enjoy the view! XD
Out for 1-2+ weeks due to illness. Will be back this coming Sunday for the sim, though.
The Chrysalis Campaign will not be running Sept. 2 & 9th, due to GMs being away on holiday. See you on Sunday, Sept. 16th!
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