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Q'Zayn Lives!
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Lana Star
Lana Star
To: Q'zayne
From: She whose tongue is as sharp as her sword

Welcome back. You've been missed
Commune with them Mists and make your way to the Unknowns, plox. :cool: (y) :coffee:
Gentle Reminder: December is DOUBLE REWARDS MONTH. All Live Sim Events receive double rewards!
Character sheets updated with the results from Sunday's Training Sim (Nov. 3rd). xD
Leta's sheet is being updated in her thread, BTW - all GMs please take note. :)
No sim this Sunday - HGM is away doing family stuff - we resume on July 14th, see you then!
Cal Jeth and Kagan: your upgrades for the month of February need to be submitted by Feb. 28th, via PM - to Davin Kabak - thanks!
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