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No sim this Sunday - HGM is away doing family stuff - we resume on July 14th, see you then!
Cal Jeth and Kagan: your upgrades for the month of February need to be submitted by Feb. 28th, via PM - to Davin Kabak - thanks!
Please remember, that you need to have a GM present for all regular/training sims.
Sheet updates are done. PM/DM me with your new learning/teacher, as applicable.
This Sunday is the Last Upgrade Session of the Year - it will be ran in lieu of the Sim. The Campaign returns in January 2019!
Sim will start an hour late tomorrow (Sun, Nov. 4th) and run 3-6 PM CST.
Out for 1-2+ weeks due to illness. Will be back this coming Sunday for the sim, though.
...Hope you get well soon Princess!! *hugs*
The Chrysalis Campaign will not be running Sept. 2 & 9th, due to GMs being away on holiday. See you on Sunday, Sept. 16th!