My name is Joanna Katherine Stasiak and I am an aspiring digital artist. Most of my work consists of fantasy and sci-fi character concepts, but I also dabble in action scenes, object or prop studies and realistic backgrounds. I am also a veteran web graphic designer with 10+ years’ experience in Photoshop, Corel, Affinity & Image Manipulation. 

MY Services

Character Design

Whatever idea you may have for a character, whether it is from a story or a game, we can come up with the perfect concept to suit your needs.

3D Concept Art

We can take the initial idea for an element of your project — namely, a person, place or thing — and create a design for it in the shape of a brilliant 3D illustration you are sure to love.

Image Editing

Whether it’s quick corrections, delicate retouching, or immersing yourself in complex fine art with hundreds of layers, Ambient Vibe has you covered.


Joanna Stasiak

Joanna Stasiak


Having started her adventure with SmithMicro's Poser, Kate has made respective jumps to DAZ Studio Pro for her modeling software. She prefers to dabble in character design and considers portraits as her ultimate strength in the magical world of digital art.

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Raymond Houston


A recent newcomer to the world of 3D Rendering, Raymond has been making leaps and bounds in his skill levels. Though an intermediate at best, he has a knack for rendering scenes that appear to be caught in mid motion.


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Why Us?

Proven Media Design Software

Our professional quality 3D software allows for brilliant creation of custom scenes and characters, bringing any original world to life.

10+ Years of Experience

We have spent years honing our digital art skills to produce unique, high-resolution digital designs for personal & commercial licensing.

Professional Editing

We use the most efficient image editing software, revolutionizing the way we work, whether it's editing or retouching images.

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20001 East 299th Street Harrisonville Missouri 64701