About Me

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  • NAME:Joanna Stasiak
  • EMAIL:ambientvibe@live.com
  • PHONE:+1 816 425 1349
  • ADDRESS:64701 USA

Joanna Stasiak

My Story

My name is Joanna Katherine Stasiak and I am an aspiring digital artist. Most of my work consists of fantasy and sci-fi character concepts, but I also dabble in action scenes, object or prop studies and realistic backgrounds. I am also a veteran web graphic designer with 10+ years experience in Photoshop & Image Manipulation.

Personality Traits

Personal skills are critical for interaction, self-expression and self-management. They shape not only the way I work, but also the way I live my daily life.

  • Reliability

  • Positive Work Ethic

  • Personal Integrity

  • Flexibility

  • Excellent Communicator

  • Technical Competence

Hobbies & Interests

When I am not working on my next creative endeavor in digital art, I am usually pursuing a handful of various abilities, some of which interested me as far back as early childhood (singing, music, reading), and some that have developed more recently (photography, gaming, traveling). I am also an avid fan of soccer (or football, as it is commonly known in Europe). Although it may not be apparent at first, all of my hobbies are intertwined with my love of art - as they all stimulate the imagination, hone self-discipline and foster greater personal growth.









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