House Maledictus

House Maledictus

An underground vampire organization also known as the Circle

Welcome to Erebos...

What if monsters were real?
Not as abominations lurking in the shadows… but cunning predators hiding in plain sight?
Influencing every aspect of our world in ways we would never dare to imagine?
What if you became one of them?

The antithesis of House Concordia, the name Maledictus is reviled throughout Erebos for its tyrannical brutality and flagrant contempt for the high traditions of the Kindred. Spurned by the assembled Houses of Erebos for an act of secession from the latter, House Maledictus fled into exile - although that was hardly the end of their troubles. Hunted down by the vengeful Vindicta and having endured nearly three centuries of disgrace and hardship, the Maledictus have risen from their ashes and began rebuilding their house from the ruins of ignominy.

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