Bohemian Rhapsody

Description & guidelines for the Concordia Elysium.



If glamour is what you are after, make the Bohemian Rhapsody your ultimate destination.
Already a mainstay soon after its 1969 opening, this hot spot has created a name for itself as having reinvented
the luxury red-rope nightlife experience, bringing an extra degree of exclusivity to the city’s club scene.
The Bohemian Rhapsody has quickly become the model for new A-list watering holes, the club
that everyone wants to on the guest list for and the place that new venues aspire to channel.

Decor is sultry and inviting. The many booths create space for intimate conversation
or rowdy group get-togethers that everyone else wants to be included in.
Lighting is low and colorful, working with blues and greens and glittering hanging lamps cast a playful yet sexy glow on the dance floor.
Nab a spot in the red room, decked out in dark leather and decorated with opulent gold details.
DJs spin an eclectic mix of Electro, House, Classic Pop, R&B, and a little bit of rock
to keep the crowd on their toes, all from the famous grand piano DJ booth.
Club goers are sophisticated and mature with a sassy side, always dressed to impress but not against getting a little wild.

On warmer nights, head up to the wooden rooftop terrace and lounge with friends
as your sip your cocktail to cool off and gaze at the night sky.
The Bohemian Rhapsody has quickly gained a reputation for its high-class vibe, incredible service & celebrity clientele,
including Avicii, Lana Del Rey, Amy Lee, One Republic, Ryan Star, Skillet, Alicia Keys, Taylor Swift & many more.
New York Magazine has already dubbed this New Babylon club an absolute must-see while staying in the Napa Valley.
See for yourself why this is the hottest place to be every night ...

Non-Linear. Storyteller not required unless combat ensues.
Uses of Blood Points [BP] must be updated in your signature as appropriate.
~ Liquid Time Setting~

Non-Erebos Elysium: Concordia
Club Owner(s): Concordia

No minors.
No weapons.
No violence.
No disciplines.

The venue consists of the exquisite Main Room, luxurious Imperial Room, and an exclusive Rooftop Terrasse.
It is located in the heart of Ocala, on the corner of San Francisco Street and Reno Boulevard.


Leo Tavarez
Justin Vallejo
Mats Gruen

Lydia Serkis
Terry McDonnell
Steven Harper

Christian Foch (Executive Chef)
Bernard LaValle (Sous Chef)
Paul Hendrickson (Line Chef)

Alexia Blanchard [f]
Darlene O'Connor [f]
Elle Vaughn [f]
Helena Ricci [f]
Ivonne Callas [f]
Jenna Harris [f]
Kristina White [f]
Lisa Morgan [f]
Nick Davidson [m]
Oliver Vargas [m]
Ross Fleming [m]
Ulysses Burke [m]
Vincent Herrera [m]
Wes Palmer [m]
Xavier Santana [m]
Zach Whitley [m]

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    Sep 18, 2018
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