Club Envy

Description & guidelines for the incomparable hub of Las Vegas nightlife for mortals & Kindred, alike.



Non-Linear. Storyteller not required unless combat ensues.
Uses of Blood Points [BP] must be updated in your signature as appropriate.
~ Liquid Time Setting ~

Erebos-Friendly Elysium: House Vindicta
Club Owner(s): Clan Toreador | Tristan Arthur Krauss

No minors. | No weapons. | No violence.
No disciplines - requires BP & rolls.

A perfect combination between the glitz of Paradise and the barefoot luxury
of South Las Vegas Boulevard,
Club Envy certainly has a charm of its own.

With an extensive open layout, fantastic sound system and an alluring glitter-inspired decor,
it is no surprise this exquisite and alluring establishment has already become
a firm favorite among Sin City's young, trendy party-goers.

This highly acclaimed nightclub features 3 distinctive spaces: the stylish Haze Lounge,
the Boudoir and the Loft, each with its own distinguished atmosphere and musical theme.

Enjoying a privileged location in the core of Sin City, this utterly exclusive super-club provides its hand-picked guests with a tantalizing combination of cutting-edge design, exquisite cuisine and mixology-inspired cocktails.
It is one of the city's hottest hangouts, featuring not only a delightful interior inspired by the drama of futuristic glamour, but also the best in sound and lighting technology has to offer, ensuring an extraordinary nightlife experience.

If Club Envy does not elevate Sin City's nightlife to the gold standard, then I don’t know who does.


Andrew Beckett
Chad Dawson
Edward Foster

George Henderson
Ian Jones
Kevin Latimer

Mark Norris (Executive Chef)
Olaf Patterson (Sous Chef)
Ralph Quesnell (Line Chef)

Sharon Turlington [f]
Ursula Vargas [f]
Wendy Zimmerman [f]
Alana Briggs [f]
Celine Dougherty [f]
Esperanza Fontana [f]
Gabriela Hernandez [f]
Ilsa Jurgenssen [f]
Katie Langdon [f]
Melissa Norton [f]
Olga Plaksina [f]
Robin Quincy [f]
Sylvia Torrez [f]
Uri Valens [f]

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    Sep 18, 2018
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