The Raven

Description & guidelines for the exclusive Erebos Elysium.


Non-Linear. Storyteller not required unless combat ensues.
Uses of Blood Points [BP] must be updated in your signature as appropriate.
~ Liquid Time Setting ~

Erebos Elysium: EREBOS MAIN
Club Owner(s): Marcus Julius Valerian

No minors. | No weapons. | No violence.
No disciplines - requires BP & rolls.


Just north of Archangel Street, in the historic St. Michael District,
lies one of the swankiest and most exclusive clubs in New Babylon – the Raven.
Combining a stunning interior design that pays tribute to the Baroque lavishness with the latest audio
and lighting innovations, the Raven promises over-the-top nightlife experiences for New Babylon’s elite.

Rich colors and opulent embellishments gleam in the light of a sumptuous crystal chandelier,
while trendy roisterers sip bespoke cocktails on their comfy brown leather banquettes.
The atmosphere is energized by beautiful go-go dancers wearing ballerina tutus, and a DJ spinning
everything from house to disco mash-ups each Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night.

Featuring an exclusive clientele and a relaxed, yet very sophisticated atmosphere, the Raven is,
without a shadow of a doubt, one of New Babylon's best live music venues.
A classy Bohemian lounge where guests are treated with spontaneous musical performances,
where the décor walks a fine line between style and seductive roughness,
and where music and space converge into a setting like no other – this is the Raven,
a club that many have heard about, but only a few had the chance to get into.


Sean Darby
Max Wolf
Jeff York

Howard Conway
Claude Bowen
Laurie Jefferson

Mark Norris (Executive Chef)
Olaf Patterson (Sous Chef)
Ralph Quesnell (Line Chef)

Ava Brady [f]
Jennifer Burton [f]
Rina Conway [f]
Carla Meek [f]
Katie Scott [f]
Nicole McDonald [f]
Lauren Porter [f]
Vicki Nesmith [f]
Alison Regis [f]
Candice O'Connor [f]
Shannon Elliot [f]
Morgan Chapman [f]
Laura McCall [f]
Gwyneth Clark[f]

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    Sep 18, 2018
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