The Underworld

The Kindred-exclusive section of The Cybermachine.



The Cybermachine offers the best music, the best drinks, and the best addictions in the city. The Underworld, beneath the Machine, offers a place to taste those addictions in a more subdued setting. The subdued lighting, oaken furniture and long tables make the Underworld more akin to the lodge of a Norse Jarl than a modern day nightclub - though with modern amenities. It is here, in these darkened halls that a Kindred may be themselves - for only Kindred and their bounties are allowed down here.

The floors are covered by furs taken from animals across the globe, though modern lights have replaced the torches on the wall and ceiling. Animals - both full body and just heads - mount the walls, along with paintings depicting everything from medieval to modern times. The long wooden benches are softened by the finest silk cushions, and large kegs line one wall. Though long emptied of alcohol, they serve a refreshment more palpable for Kindred.

The Underworld can even provide shelter during the day - for those that can pay with service to House Limbus...


Josephine McPearson (FV)
Brenda Kim (FV)

Ingrid Iversson (FV)
Ana Davies (FV)

Mark Timmons (MV)
Derek Johnson (MV)
Antonio Sabato (MV)

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    Sep 17, 2018
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