Your character's nature and demeanor tends to be based upon a personality archetype. While the nature usually reflects a character's true self, the demeanor represents the mask a character wears and how the rest of the world sees him or her.​

Addict: Become utterly fixated on one passion.
Adherent: Pledge yourself to one cause above everything else.
Adjudicator: Work to solve problems that affect your surroundings.
Alpha: Lead other by example.
Architect: Strive to create something out of a sense of greater purpose.
Artiste: Try to reach others through your creations.
Autist: Hide who you are from yourself and others.
Autocrat: Seek power and prominence for its own sake.

Barbarian: Keep your distance from civilization, instead trusting the old ways.
Benefactor: Work to protect the people around you.
Beta: Act as supporter for your group’s superior.
Bon Vivant: Try to enjoy life as long as it lasts.
Bravo: Use your power to bully others into submission.

Capitalist: Strive to make profit by selling your commodities.
Caregiver: Take comfort in consoling others.
Caretaker: Shepherd the flock around you to safety.
Celebrant: Take great joy out of your passion.
Chameleon: Constantly alter your mannerisms and appearance.
Child: Be ignorant about the larger world around you.
Competitor: Put yourself against the world’s odds.
Conformist: Play your strengths in groups.
Conniver: Seek ways to let others work for you.
Coward: Hide your true self from all others.
Creep Show: Strive to inspire shock and disgust for show.
Crusader: Fight for an ideal of yours.
Curmudgeon: Constantly expect the worst to happen.

Dabbler: Seek to find new interests.
Defender: Protect something over yourself.
Deviant: Reject traditional social mores for your own.
Devil’s Advocate: Question the commands from your superiors.
Director: Work to bring order into strife.

Enigma: Work to keep your true intentions hidden.
Eye of the Storm: Find yourself constantly in the center of unrest.
Explorer: Strive to discover new places and experiences.

Fanatic: Pledge yourself to one goal over all else.
Fatalist: Follow the inescapable course of destiny.
Futurist: Pledge yourself to new concepts and ideals.

Gambler: Trust in luck to take care of you.
Gallant: Seek attention and adulation from others.
Guru: Lead others to spiritual fulfillment.

Heretic: Refuse to accept a commonly held creed.
Hunter: Always prepare yourself for the hunt.

Idealist: Believe into a higher ideal than yourself.

Judge: Seek to improve the system by using rational conclusions.

Loner: Keep your own company.

Machine: Push yourself to your limits to transcend mortal weakness.
Maniac: Be compelled by internal voices to strange actions.
Martyr: Sacrifice yourself for your cause.
Masochist: Draw pleasure from suffering and testing your boundaries.
Meddler: Constantly try to interfere into other’s affairs to aid them.
Melancholic: Feel ennui at all that you have lost.
Monster: Seek to understand your own depravity by acting on it.

Omega: Accept your place at the bottom rung of your group.
Outsider: Define yourself by things you do not participate in.

Paragon: Embody straightforwardness and simplicity in your actions.
Pedagogue: Share your knowledge with those around you.
Penitent: Strive to do penance for your sins.
Perfectionist: Work to achieve the best result possible.

Quaestor: Yearn to answer life’s questions.

Rebel: Fight against established authorities.
Rogue: Focus on your own gain over that of others.

Sadist: Inflict pain and misery on others.
Scientist: Work to achieve understanding of your surroundings via a critical method.
Seer: Glimpses of the future haunt you
Sociopath: Strive to eradicate weakness
Soldier: Work within the chain of command to fulfill your duties.
Stoic: Maintain your composure under all circumstances.
Survivor: Strive to survive all odds.

Thrill-Seeker: Actively seek the rush of danger.
Traditionalist: Keep on established routines.
Trickster: Find humor and the absurd in all situations.
Tycoon: Constantly plot to expand your resources.

Vigilante: Succeed in your vengeance against a chosen target.
Visionary: See beyond the mundane to focus on what things should be.
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