Noble Titles: Archon, former Lord Arbiter & Guardian
Allegiance: House Concordia Archon, Humanity
Holdings: Bohemian Rhapsody [Elysium]
Motto: Ad Pacem [Towards Peace]

House Concordia
Long venerated for its honorable conduct and pursuit of tolerance and justice in the face of diversity, House Concordia exemplifies the noble traditions and high ideals not unlike the ones upon which the Constitution of the United States is founded. Concordia has faithfully served Erebos for six hundred years, building its considerable reputation over centuries of proven leadership, steadfast morality and unyielding courage.​

Concordia Legacy
None of Concordia's current members can boast their descent from any mythical Kindred, nor would they ever attempt to try - such prideful jests would be seen as diminishing the noble ancestry of the venerable Concordia bloodlines. Both the progenitors and their Childer have proven their loyalty to whatever organization they've ever been a part of - on many occasions - earning numerous favors and holdings in return for their steadfast devotion. Having originated in Southern France, Concordia's members shifted in a move westward as Kindred eager for exploration rose up in their desire to expand their reach and influence to the New World. Over the past couple of centuries, they seem to have become content settling in some of the oldest and most populous US cities - a choice which allowed them to sink into and blend in with, the local population - an idea they secretly adored. Unfortunately, it was not an idea that appealed to the unscrupulous Erebos Autarch - and eventually led to a split that sent Concordia reeling and hiding anywhere they could - in order to prevail and be able to cultivate their own goals and their way of (un)life.​

Concordia Ethos
Led by an Archon and her staunchest supporter - the House Defender - House Concordia stands alone, an outcast spokesman for an idea considered dangerous and even lethal, to the Masquerade. Shunned and hunted for their staunch support of a peaceful co-existence between Kindred and Kine, House Concordia no longer enjoys the great popularity it once had, when it sat among all the fine Houses of Erebos as a champion of integrity and reform. Though by far not one of the wealthier Houses, Concordia used to wield considerable political influence as a result of its noble and benevolent ideology. Because it contends that personal honor, just governance, and conventional morality are all traits to be prized above all others, Concordia lays an attractive hearth around which many of its proponents assemble. While their critics and adversaries alike argue that its ideals are utopian and contemptible, few can deny that the Concordia hone sincerity to a fine edge - pledging loyalty for loyalty - and paying such debts from coffers of seemingly infinite abundance.​

Concordia Entourage
In addition to the ruling Archon and her right hand, the House Defender, Concordia relies on its Operatives and Mediators to ensure that all in-House matters are running smoothly. Its mentors and mediators focus on elements of justice and guidance, while the Favorites defend Concordia's existing status quo with unequaled and fervent zeal. All of Concordia's representatives, however, share one thing in common: they teach peaceful co-existence, tolerance, humanness, love, caring and sharing as well as respect for constituted authorities.​

Concordia Relations
  • Erebos Autarch - "The Autarch's seat in Erebos should be preserved, although he needs to reform his policies and adjust his goals if he is to rule with the unwavering support of all the Houses."​
  • House Limbus - "The learned House Limbus shares in our heritage of nobility, fairness and justice. Though to voice it be sacrilege; nobility, like divinity, sometimes masquerades as the common man."​
  • House Tenebris - "Friends of our enemies, the Tenebris remain too powerful to oppose openly. We must tread with caution."​
  • House Vindicta - "Our arrangement with the Vindicta may prove our salvation if we ever need to defend our House against Erebos opposition."​
  • Maledictus - "The Maledictus' actions remind us of our shadow dramas; though veiled behind a curtain their movements tell the story."​


~ Guardian | Lord Arbiter | Archon ~

~ Defender ~

~ Favorite ~ Reformer ~ Mediator ~ Mentor ~ Operative ~

~ Free Spirit ~

- A recently departed member of the Erebos coalition, the Archon is the head of Concordia, formerly known as its Guardian (or Lord Arbiter). First and foremost, s/he is the symbol of Tolerance, Harmony and Diversity - while encouraging personal growth and promoting a amicable co-existence with Kine. As the only ELECTED House leader (they were appointed prior to Concordia's split with the Erebos organization), the Archon is also charged with maintaining the peace and security of Concordia. S/he answers to no one but his/her own conscience, and the community of Concordia, at large.​

- A tireless champion of his or her Archon's ethos, the House Defender shows his or her true colors when times are tough. S/he never succumbs to adversity, dedicating his/her life and all of his/her resources to ensure the perpetual security and peace for House Concordia.​

- Eager to please both his/her superiors and peers alike, the House Favorite implements Concordia policy with unnatural zeal and efficiency. S/he enjoys political favor resulting from proven competence as demonstrated via traditional performance, seeking to maintain the status quo. S/he is often treated as the envoy of House Concordia - its trusted ambassador who has the ear of the Archon and who answers to him/her, alone.​

- An avid spokesperson for political reformation, the House Reformer seeks to change and/or improve Concordia's goals, beliefs and traditions. S/he staunchly supports his or her altruistic beliefs, considering reformation the ultimate answer to Concordia's salvation.​

- As one who negotiates agreement, you are often called upon to quell conflict within Concordia, whenever it may arise. As a peace-maker, you are called to intervene between two or more disputing parties - and are considered an expert at quelling most internal strife.​

- A wise and trusted counselor or teacher, you support the ideals of Concordia with unwavering dedication. You are charged with advising newcomers to Concordia regarding its goals and objectives, as well as aiding them in adapting to their newly chosen lifestyle.​

- Often called upon to 'produce the intended or desired, effect', you are a significant yet versatile building block of Concordia's secret defense force. Your function may vary from sentinel to agent provocateur, to warrior - but whatever your chosen path may be, you are thoroughly dedicated to follow it through, to the end. You answer to the House Defender and the Archon.​

Free Spirit
- Default rank given to all new recruits coming into Concordia. You are truly a 'free spirit' in every sense of the word, but your loyalty and your goals of a harmonious lifestyle alongside humans takes priority over whatever your unorthodox, carefree ways may be. Your non-violent, Bohemian nature seeks to preserve peace and tranquility among all the things you come in contact with. As a newcomer to Concordia, you are its building block and foundation - and thus looked upon as its grand and shining future.​


» Lord Arbiter | Archon - Lexington Hayes (Canon)

» Defender - Avalon Brynn (Canon)

» Favorite - Jessica Santana (Canon)
» Reformer [OPEN]
» Mediator [OPEN]
» Mentor [OPEN]
» Operative [OPEN]

» Free Spirit [OPEN]
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