Since 2016, there has been a conditional 'truce' (which some have believed to be more of a 'Cold War') between present and former Houses of Erebos. That particular year saw the release of the airborne Macchiavellian Plague - the biggest threat to the existence of Erebos Kindred since the organization's inception. Released by an elite society of Vampire Hunters known as the Brotherhood of Orion, this bio-engineered plagues was released with the intent to wipe out all Kindred across the globe. Unfortunately, the plague turned out to be just as deadly to humans bitten by infected Vampires. Because the plague was slow-acting, it took nearly a year for mortals to be affected - and like the Black Plague of Europe's Dark Ages, it decimated nearly one-third of the world's current population.​

Seeing the growing danger of the plague which seemed to show no signs of abating - Kindred of Erebos (present and former) decided to put aside centuries of mutual hostilities and simply strive for common survival (of the species). Given that the plague threatened their extinction, the vampires had little choice but to end their enmity at least for the time being. The results of the Plague were devastating. More than 2/3rds of the earth's vampire population and just over 1/3rd of mortals were decimated as a result of its release. The Brotherhood of Orion, seeing the grave threat the Plague was representing to their own kind, decided to put an end to it by introducing a life-saving vaccine to infected humans. This 'cure' would eventually find its way into the hands of the scientists from House Tenebris and the blood mages of former House Maledictus, who went hard to work on a vampire derivative.​

It took nearly two years, but the persistent effort put into research by the Kindred, would finally pay off. By 2018, the combined efforts of the Maledictus blood mages and the scientists of House Tenebris brought a plague antidote into fruition. Using the original antidote that the Brotherhood created to save the humans that were succumbing to the plague, they were able to modify it and have it work on vampires. The Kindred were saved; their numbers would be rekindled.​

During this time, the (yet) unaffected members of Erebos, Concordia and Maledictus decided to relocated to a different city which would become their new headquarters and a safe haven, ideally unknown to Orion trackers. They headed deep into what was generally accepted by their kind as "Anarch territory" - or the Westernmost state of California. There, in the lush vineyards of the famed Napa Valley, blossomed a city that had never been touched by the plague: a metropolis known as New Babylon. With a thriving human population and an equally booming travel industry, New Babylon was a hidden gem of Napa Valley, and the perfect 'fertile' ground for the Kindred to put down roots in.​

An uneasy truce continued. Sinking deep into the New Babylon's underground, the Erebos staked out the northeastern part of the city, while the Maledictus settled just south of them. Concordia took to the west part of New Babylon sitting on the other side of Birch River. Although not every former enemy or friend had the nerve to keep the peace, the majority opted to follow the mandate of 'enmity without hostilities'. They had spent centuries hating and fearing one another but it only took one year to realize they had a bigger enemy to fear or hate. The Brotherhood of Orion was not going anywhere - and already there were whispers of heavily armed mortals scouting the West bank of the city, possibly in hopes of setting up their new headquarters. If the Brotherhood of Orion was already in New Babylon, then the Kindred factions had to lay low and maintain the ultimate Masquerade - or face another real threat of extinction - by the very kind whose blood they would gorge upon . . .​
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