Noble Titles: Autarch of Erebos
Time of Creation: The Dark Ages [100 AD]
Allegiance: Erebos, Marcus Julius Valerian
Holdings: The City of New Babylon
Motto: Per Unitatem Vis [Through Unity, Strength]

Leader: Autarch Marcus Julius Valerian
Right Hand | Personal Assistant: Succubus Erica Fontaine
Left Hand | Personal Bodyguard: Executioner Axel Quinn
Membership at Large: The Chosen

House Erebos
In the beginning, Erebos was an imposing organization, made up of five dominant Houses. Each house was powerful in its own right, specializing in either military techniques, or knowledge/research, or inspiration/creativity through art, and the like.

But as all nefarious organizations go, Erebos too, fell into shadow of corruption. As the Autarch strove to consolidate his power as the undisputed leader of his organization, House Vindicta used the situation to execute their own dastardly plans. They moved against the House Maledictus, whom they long considered apostate (given that they were ruled by the vampires who dabbled in blood magic and thus, were considered extremely dangerous on the basis of Thaumaturgy alone) - and wiped out the entire bloodline of their then-leader.

The feud that ensued brought about the separation of House Maledictus, whose supporters fled - pursued by the vengeful Vindicta enforcers. The Vindicta would not stop until every known link to the Maledictus had been eradicated. Many died on both sides, but in the end, Vindicta returned victorious - believing that every last Maledictus heretic had been eradicated.

They could not be more wrong.

Some Maledictus members survived, but had vanished from the face of the earth - or at least that's how it appeared. They began to rebuild their ranks, slowly and silently - as an old enemy watched for any sign of their possible resurrection.

In the meantime, another house - a peaceful minded coven called 'Concordia', decided to secede from Erebos. They have witnessed the bloodshed that was caused by their affiliated house - Vindicta - and abhorring all violence, decided the time had come for them to go. They no longer wished to be part of something so corrupt and so vile. Up until the pogrom of the Maledictus, they had been left largely alone and to their own devices - but now, with no enemy in sight for Vindicta to hunt - they suddenly became the focal point of their former ally's watchful eye.

Quietly and suddenly, they vacated their elysiums and nests, vanishing into parts unknown. Their departure wrought the ire of the Autarch, who - although he saw it coming - did not think the pacifistic Concordia had the balls to carry through with such a life-changing decision.

Now left with but 3 loyal houses, the Autarch had ordered a blood hunt against all Concordia members - however many of them could be found. The Vindicta were charged with apprehending and/or eradicating the traitors - a job which the current Guardian, sympathetic to Concordia's plight - secretly abhorred. There is also a whisper being propagated underground, suggesting that the Autarch himself has a special purpose in hunting down the Concordia (and the remaining Maledictus) - but what that purpose really is, remains unknown.

Thankfully (and luckily) for the Autarch - the remaining three houses are staunchly loyal to his cause. They are devoted followers, as degenerate as they are impious. He remains their quintessential quasi-Father - and they, his effulgent Children.

Erebos Legacy
The falling out between Erebos, House Maledictus and then, House Concordia, created an atmosphere of mistrust between the Autarch and his remaining (though staunchly devoted), three houses. After centuries of uniformity, a single decade saw a rush of fragmentation that threatened to erode the unity of Erebos from within. The rule of the High Council no longer sufficient and to be trusted alone, the Autarch now assumed complete control. His sole ambition being the complete eradication of all non-conformists to his rule and wiping out all former adversaries, wherever they would roam.

Erebos Ethos
Erebos is a powerful and influential vampire mafia, bent on undermining the efforts of other vampire sects as they strive for ultimate power and decisive control in the continuing days of Modern Nights. Like any underworld organization, they attempt to exert their influence over many covens - as many as they can sway toward their goals and ambitions. Following the ways of the Inconnu, they remain swathed in mystery, their ranks swelling with all who denounce Camarilla and Sabbat hierarchy.

Erebos Entourage
The Erebos Autarch, Marcus Julius Valerian, rules his domain with an iron fist and the eyes of a hawk. He accepts no equals, but allows a retinue in the guise of The Triumvirate - a council made up of the 3 House Guardians: Tenebris, Vindicta and Limbus. While it is the High Council that creates policy, it is the Autarch alone who can veto the latter and impose his own will upon and above that of the Council. The Autarch's closest attendants are currently the Duchess of Vindicta and the enigmatic Truthsayers of Tenebris - although it is widely whispered that it is the Demagogues alone that have his exalted ear.

Erebos Relations
  • House Limbus - "Retired to their books, the Limbus present no immediate threat or concern. Their antiquated views and Erebos indoctrination provide the leash to guide them."
  • House Tenebris - "We are not fooled by the Tenebris facade. Theirs is a meddlesome House with hands in too many pockets when they should be pulling strings."
  • House Vindicta -"Though responsible for the destruction of our former enemies House Maledictus, the Vindicta are unwitting pawns in a greater game."
  • Concordia - "This 'noble' House deserves nothing but contempt. Like the Kine whose lifestyle they support, we'll bring them to their knees."
  • Maledictus -"The proverbial bull in the china shop, House Maledictus should take care to harness its ambition. Even the most powerful of lords can possess fragile egos."
Erebos Makeup
Erebos is comprised of 3 Noble Houses: Limbus, Tenebris and Vindicta. Click their linked names below, for more information:​


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