Ancilla: (plural: ancillae) A vampire not young enough to be considered a neonate yet not old enough to be considered an elder. Age range: 100-200 years.​

Antediluvian: One of the thirteen vampires of the third generation, from whom each individual clan is descended.​

Beast: The irrational, predatory side of a vampire's psyche, whose only desires are to feed and kill.​

Blood Bond: An emotional bond artificially induced by drinking a vampire's blood on separate occasions. The first sip will only cause some sort of affection, the second a more intense feeling, and the third complete subjugation.​

Blood Doll: A mortal who freely gives their blood to a vampire. Most blood dolls are addicted to the Kiss, and actively seek out vampires who will take their vitae.​

Cainite: Another name for vampire kind, especially used by those who despise the term 'Kindred' and are proud to be the descendants of Caine.​

Childe: (plural: Childer) The offspring of a vampire created through the Embrace.​

Diablerie: The act of consuming another vampire's soul along with their blood, and subsuming it into oneself. It is considered the most heinous act by most, although it does have the potential to grant additional powers and lower one's generation.​

Discipline: Unique abilities used by Vampires. Some are unique to specific clans, though others are shared among Kindred. Using most Disciplines in public is a violation of the Masquerade.

Elder: Some of the older vampires, generally possessing great status and power. At least 200 years old, and often much older than that.​

Elysium: A piece of neutral ground where vampires may go to congregate and converse without fear of direct violence. Discipline use is forbidden as well, although subtle mental ones are often practiced stealthily.​

Embrace: The act of turning a mortal into a vampire. This is accomplished by draining all blood from the mortal host and then forcing them to swallow a few drops of your own vitae.​

Fledgling: A young, newly created vampire, still under the tutelage of their Sire.​

Frenzy: What occurs when the Beast takes over due to anger or hunger, causing the vampire to fly into a fit of unstoppable violence.​

Generation: A term describing how far removed from Caine a vampire is. When a vampire Embraces a mortal, the childe is the next generation Vampire. When the new Vampire sires a new childe, that is the generation after. Vampires of lower Generation are more powerful than those of higher ones.​

Ghoul: A servant created by allowing a mortal to drink the blood of a vampire. The mortal won't age as long as they drink vampire blood regularly, and they'll even gain some limited access to Disciplines. However, they're blood-bonded (and thus emotionally enslaved) to their vampire master (called Domitor), and are addicted to blood. Deprived of the necessary vitae, they rapidly return to their natural age (very old Ghouls will wither and die in no time if deprived of vampire blood).​

Golconda: A state of spiritual enlightenment in which a vampire is no longer subject to the whims of their Beast - which translates in being immune to Frenzy and Rotschreck, and requiring much less blood to get by. It is a rare achievement, which most vampires either consider a legend or ignore entirely.​

Haven: A safe place where a vampire sleeps during the day. Generally kept secret from others, as Kindred are very vulnerable while asleep (thus, a vampire won't take casual guests or even trusted friends to their haven without good reason; it's not uncommon to have a second residence that serves as a public address).​

Herd: A group of humans from which a vampire can feed regularly and safely. A herd does not need to be aware of a vampire's nature - some do, but most only think to be, for instance, the vampire's lovers.​

Jyhad: A term for the general machinations of the Elders, or also the war between the sects.​

Kindred: Another name for vampire kind.​

Kine: Mortals. Literally, it means 'Cattle', but some vampires do not perceive its derogatory origin.​

Kiss: The act of drinking blood, especially from a mortal. It is, as a rule, extremely pleasurable and addictive for both parties.​

Masquerade: The concerted effort to hide vampires from humans. Some vampire sects are more serious about it than others, but all will preserve some measure of secrecy, as a simple matter of survival.​

Methuselah: A vampire of great age and, at the same time, very low generation. Methuselahs are at least 2000 years old, and typically the Childer or Grand-childer of the Antediluvians themselves.​

Neonate: One of the younger members of vampire society, who generally have little political sway or power. Less than 100 years old, Neonates are what Fledgling's become once released from their Sire.​

Rotschrek: What occurs when the beast takes over in fear and a vampire tries to escape their surroundings at all costs.​

Sire: A vampire who has Embraced somebody.​

Vaulderie: A ritual in which everybody present places some amount of blood into a chalice and later sips from it. It creates the vinculum (a lasting bond of supernaturally induced loyalty).​

Vitae: Blood. Especially used for vampire blood.​
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