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Aud Norås

Oct 5, 2018
Apparent Age
User name: Aud Norås

Full Name: Aud Asveig Norås

Age: 119

Biological Sex: Female

Birthplace: Andover, MD

Hair Color: Light blonde

Eye Color: Piercing light blue

Height: 1.70 cm

Weight: 75kg

Build: Lean and muscular, well trained.

Distinctive Features:

Occupation: Mother of all Keres.

Affiliation: Resident

Stance on Ghouling: No

Preferred Clan for Ghouling: (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION)

Stance on Embrace: No

Preferred Clan for Embrace: Malkavian

At approximately 5'6" Aud is a tall, lean and well-trained woman. Maybe not the tallest of women but add to it the regal way she carries herself with a slightly "holier than thou" attitude, Aud is a woman you notice. Always smart and elegantly dressed she gives off the appearance of a successful businesswoman. Confident, and well aware of her own talents and skills. With a sharp gaze that most people cower before or cast their gaze away from like they are afraid their own eyes will reveal their innermost deepest secrets to her.

Very few people ever get to see the hidden sides of her. Meticulously hidden behind manicures, well-styled hair and impeccable style. Blessed with delicate and alluring facial features it is easy for her to hide her true self from anyone who dares to look at her more than once. Okay, maybe not everyone. There is one who has seen that spark of madness that hides behind a mask of effortless beauty.

Character Archetype: Alpha/Defender/Fanatic

To explain Aud's personality we have to divide it up in parts. Two to be specific. There is the part she shows the world. The skillfully and meticulously crafted facade she shows the world, and the raging madness she hides within. No side is less real or less her than the other, and most of the time coexists inside her.

On the outside, there is the Mother. The business leader who runs her company with the same steel hand she runs The Keres. She is a leader and a strategist, holding herself to a higher standard than she holds the rest of The Keres, believing she has to stand as an example to them all. Always moving with her head lifted high and back straight, to never show her sisters the weight of her position. The fanatic committed to their goal of eradicating all Kindred and those who follow them. She is charming and charismatic with an iron will and a caring heart she keeps well protected behind layers upon layers of armour. Constantly growing into the role she has been given seemingly fearlessly.

Then there is the madness. Ever present, always there, lurking in the corners of her mind. Like whispers. Always commenting on everything she does, everything she says, like an eternal commentary of her life. Most of the time she can ignore it push it out of her conscious mind and not focus on it. But there are periods where it is too much for her. The crushing weight of depression, low self-esteem, paranoia and hateful voices driving her to lock herself up and blame illness until she is able to conquer her demons once more. There is also the periods of mania driving her, the periods most of the sisters only see. With energy boosts, and an "I can do it all" attitude that sometimes is borderline reckless. The last part of her madness, though not the smallest is the OCD that lays behind her looks. Always focusing on perfection, needing the facade to seem prettier, more together than she feels. As the mask of flawless beauty is the lifeline she needs to keep fighting the demons.

Merits & Flaws:
Mansion, Magazine Editor, Acute hearing, Code of Honor, Iron Will
Flaws: Territorial, Nightmares, Impatient, Driving Goal, Compulsion.

Derangements: Bipolar, OCD, Paranoid


Norway December 1900.

A pregnant woman is on the run. Paranoia and madness have taken over her brain and convinced her there are people after her child. Having struggled with her Bipolar disorder her whole life it is suddenly worsened by the pregnancy. The only rational thought able to penetrate the haze of madness is the thought of bringing her child safely into the world. Away from the Einherjar, she is convinced wants the child dead. Eight months later in Andover Maryland, she prematurely gives birth to a strong and beautiful baby girl. Having found someone of her own kind a few months earlier, she begs the woman Mist Sollie to take care of her child. A few days later, the woman is found dead.

Andover July 1901.

Not knowing what else to do with the child, Mist took her with her to the Society of Keres and had her raised to become a member. Where they gave her the name Aud, meaning "riches" or "fortune" because of her golden hair, and Norås after her mother. Aud's childhood was unique but happy. From the time she could walk she was training to become a weapon. A perfect warrior in an organization that was constantly at war with the Kindred society. She quickly showed an almost scary aptitude for close combat with blades and an eye for poisons. She also learned to use guns and fire, but her favourite will always be her blades. In particular her ring daggers, that she always hides on her body.

The years flew by for her. Her childhood consisting of learning to fight, hours spent in the libraries of The Keres, learning all there is to know about Kindred and her own family's bloodline. Aud might have been technically an orphan, but she never felt like one. Having a close relationship to Mist Sollie and seeing The Keres as her true family, her true sisters; making her a devoted member of their organization. A true believer of their cause. It wasn't until she was a teenager that problems started to rise. It started out small. Small periods of time where she would lock herself in her room, crushed underneath the weight of the same illness her mother suffered from.

From the time she had been old enough to understand she had known the weakness of her lineage. Praying and hoping she would not suffer the same fate as her mother. Afraid that The Keres would see her unfit for their organization she started to hide it. Blaming the times she locked herself away on migraines and gaining an unhealthy focus on her looks.

Hide it away. Clean yourself up and no one can see the madness hiding behind the flawless facade.

When people teased her. Called her superficial for focusing on her looks she would just hide behind smiles and laughs. Terrified that someone might someday see the darkness she hid from the world. There was only one person she trusted to help her, the same woman she could thank for her life. Over the years she has managed to come up with ways to hide this, knowing that someday someone is going to break the fragile mask she wears for the world.

Around the 1980's she wanted to do more. Finding that she had reached the limits of her studies in the states. But she still had a thirst for more, to grow more than she had. So she asked the reigning mother for permission to travel and see the world to broaden her horizons. It took some time, but by the support of Mist and others in the society, Aud was finally allowed the freedom to travel. From here, it would go 20 years before she came back home to the states.

She spent the years travelling from faction to faction of their organization. Since one of the conditions of her being allowed to travel had been that she visited the different factions, learn from them and the inner workings of their organization and report back. These years changed Aud. She got to see how the world was evolving, learned new languages, cultures and how the organization had spread over the globe. It was 20 important years for her, she got more confident in herself and that she could be able to hide her madness, maybe even control it.

When she finally came back home she was no longer the "teenager" that had left. But instead a confident, radiant woman. Stronger than she had been before leaving. Her return to Boston was a joyous one. She hadn't stayed much in contact while travelling, mostly just reports telling them where in the world she was, and the process of her work and kills. So her sisters were happy to welcome her home again.

It was now a new millennium and with it came exciting technological changes for the world. Internet was spreading, computers growing more and more a normal household item. Bringing new opportunities in many aspects of the world. Like social media. Fascinated with the humans and their exponentially increasing interest in gossip, celebrities and how the other part lives. Aud decided to make a career for herself outside The Keres. Wanting a foot in the human society as well, feeling a longing to belong there too. So in 2010, she started the internet magazine for women called Venus.

Which worked out brilliantly for her. As she rose in the ranks of The Keres her job as editor of the magazine gave her an excellent excuse to move unhindered among humans and Kindred. It gave her valuable contacts all over the country, gave her a name to hide her true self behind and more access than she had had before. Also, it gave her and her sister's good covers for several assignments. It's remarkable how far a press pass can get you in modern society.

Then suddenly in 2017 disaster struck. An attack was made on them from a party they had not expected and several sisters and Mother died. Aud was heartbroken, along with the rest of the sisters. The reigning Mother had been loved and respected and for a moment it seemed the organization was at a loss of how to move on. Everyone expected Mist Sollie to be chosen as the next Mother since she had survived the attack and were shocked when she declined and wanted to remain in her position and named Aud as the best choice of Mother. But no one as surprised as Aud.

Terrified and with her heart in her throat she almost declined the position when offered. But Mist convinced her that she was the better choice of them and in the Autumn of 2017 she shed her name and became Mother of The Keres. And her first big decision was to move their HQ from Boston and to New Babylon, following the Kindred organization Erebos. She has been Mother for barely three years now, struggling to be the firm and honourable hand that guides the sisters, while constantly fighting a battle against the demons of her own psyche.

Final Notes:
She hails from the second of the Norse families of Revenants.

Lauvøy’s Children.
-Disciplines: Auspex, Dementation, Obfuscate.
-Weakness: As with true Malakvians they have at least one derangement and are overly paranoid, especially if they meet someone from Einherjar. A member of The Keres will have trouble cooperating with someone from Einherjar and constantly distrust them.

Character Type: Canon

Character Portrayal: Katheryn Winnick

Role-Playing Taboos Mary Sue: A character with seemingly no flaws and abilities beyond what they should be able to.

God-Modding: When you take control of someone else's character or take away a writer's chance of reacting to something your character did.

Meta-Gaming: When you use the information given to you OOC in play that your character should not be able to know.
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