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Michael Dunn

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Oct 18, 2019
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User name: Badger

Full Name: Michael Dunn

Biological Sex: Male

True Age: 35

Generation: 10th

Sire: Dean Lander


Clan: Gangrel

Disciplines: Greek Gangrel :

[C] Animalism (1)
[C] Obfuscate (1)
[C] Protean (1)

Clan Weakness Weakness: Every time they frenzy, Gangrel take on a different animal feature (whiskers, claws, webbed feet, etc.) City Gangrel tend to take on the features of animals that are common to cities, such as dogs and rats. Eventually, these animal traits will make it more difficult to interact with others; it is just more difficult to deal with people when you look, smell, and/or sound inhuman. Animals, on the other hand, might find the animal features to be pleasing. In any event, animal features do not grant any benefits or additional hinderances in RP, unless the Storyteller makes it so.

Merits & Flaws: Merits :

Acute Senses :
Hearing, Smell, and Vision

Calm Heart : You are naturally calm and well-composed, and do not easily fly off the handle.

Early Riser : You always seem to be the first to rise and the last to go to bed. You get about one to two hours less sleep than others and feel fine doing so. You will always get up first even if you went to bed last.

Light Sleeper : You can awaken instantly at any sign of trouble or danger, and do so without any sleepiness or hesitation.

Time Sense : You have an innate sense of time and are able to estimate the passage of time accurately without using a watch or other mechanical device. You can accomplish this whether you are concentrating or not. You can estimate the time of day to within a minute or two, and the passage of time with the same accuracy.

Flaws :

Beacon of the Unholy :
You radiate palpable evil. Clergy and devout mortals know instinctively that there is something horribly wrong with you, and react accordingly. Churches and other places of worship are barred to you as well.

Disfigured : A hideous disfigurement makes you ugly and easy to notice as well as remember. You therefore have a zero Appearance, much like the Nosferatu (who cannot take this Flaw).

Permanent Fangs : Your fangs do not retract, making it impossible for you to hide your true nature. While some mortals may think you've had your teeth filed or are wearing prosthetic, sooner or later you're going to run into someone who knows what you truly are. You are a constant threat to the Masquerade, and other Kindred may take steps to prevent a breach from occurring.

Birthdate: 1884

Birthplace: Quebec, Canada

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Yellowish

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 230 lbs

Build: Mesomorph

Distinctive Features: Scars from claws across the face

Occupation: Private Investigator

Affiliation: Erebos

Appearance: Long hair, full beard, toned body.

Always wearing a suit.

Self-assured demeanor.

First impression wise, he does not look approachable. Yet after a first interaction, if he liked you, you probably will like him too.

Character Archetype: Survivor

Personality: Michael knows that most humans are dangerous to humankind and so is motivated to cull the herd to save those that deserves to live.

He's emotionally stable. Facts over emotions, always.

Quirks : Stoic, multiple facial scars.

Habits : Approaches animals in a friendly manner and speaks to them whenever he can.

Derangements: None

Biography: Born in 1884 in Montreal, Canada, Michael had a quite ordinary childhood, but one event happened that would influence him in is career choice. Michael's family home was burglarized during his early teen, and the culprits were never found. That is when he decided to become a detective. As soon as he could, he enlisted in the metropolitan police force to climb the proverbial ladder up to his dreamed profession. During the Great-War, his orders were different than ordinary. Instead of catching criminals, he had to find war dodgers, citizen who were avoiding conscription. After the war, he was decorated for his success at catching a record numbers of arrests. After the war, there was still a lot of job for him, as all the men that survived the meat grinder that were European battlefields were not all good folks anymore. One night that he was tracking a suspect, Michael got ambushed and mauled by the attackers' dog. He was left to die in a dark alley snowbank.

When Michael woke up, he could smell the putrid odor of the sewer, his vision slowly accommodating to the darkness, and he heard the faint breathing of the rats moving around. He did not understood what was going on at this moment and that is when, out of nowhere, a hand sat on his shoulder. Dean Lander explained what happened, and what Michael will need to do from now on if he want to continue to walk the earth. It was a shock for him to realize that he would not see the sun anymore, nor feel its warmth on his skin. The adaptation was not easy, but adapting is what Gangrels do, and so did Michael.

After many years spent surviving the challenge thrown at him, moving around cities, listening to whispers and rumors, Michael made its way to New Babylon. He heard of someone with a great vision for his kind and so he went to see for himself what it was really about.

Final Notes: Michael does not have much respect for people who base their ideas on emotions rather than facts.

He likes to eavesdrop randomly on people conversations and disputes.

He's scared that he will die without having achieved anything of worth.

Character Type: Original

Character Portrayal: Joe Manganiello

Role-Playing Taboos: Mary Sue : Perfect character, no flaws.

God-Modding : Playing others' character, deciding their actions.

Meta-Gaming : Using OoC knowledge to influence in-game event.


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