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Divia LaCroix

Nov 2, 2015
Sunset Boulevard
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5th Generation
House Vindicta
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General Inquiries

- Handler Name/Alias: Christoph

- Contact Info:, Skype on request. (I don't give my profile name for skype randomly as such I do not accept random friend requests, so if I don't know,you wont be accepted.)

- How old are you? You must be 18+. 25

- What interests you that you want to apply to Erebos? A friend RPs here and she asked me to join!

- How did you find out about us? (If you were referred by someone, please let us know.)
Ursula Krauss

- Do you have any experience role-playing? Yes, lots. I have been rping since 12 or 14, so well over ten years of roleplay experience.

- Will you seek a position of leadership within our family or are you content with standard membership? Right now content with standard membership, that might change, but isn't likely to.

Basic Character Concept

Character Name: Ballard Braun

Age: 28

Faction House of Choice: Tenebris

Any other Affiliation besides the House Chosen: Ursula Krauss.

Notable Enemies: None as of now.

Character Role/Occupation in House: -unsure

Place of Residence: Homeless!

Brief Physical Description: Probably looking allot like the first mummy, (from the movie,) in a suit right now. So yeah...there is that.

But! when he is not busy pretending to be king tut he would look something like...

a six foot and change straw blonde man with lively green eyes and a far more healthy glow about him. Thinner in overall body structure though not unhealthy seeming. Often has a playful or joking grin ranging to a straight Cheshire smile. He holds himself like someone who at least knows of manners and is often neat in outward appearance. His clothing can change on the mood and necessity but is a fan of suits, and if well made wears them like he has been wearing them most of his life. He has a German accent that hints of a well bred upbringing, yet again, his voice seems to be able to change at command of its user.

Sample RP: (this is a post on a ongoing rp that likely will have little context, but does so my writing capability which i hope is the reason for this question.)

He simply stood and waited patiently for her to finish talking. Watching her curl herself up as if the temperature in the air suddenly plummeted. He considered for a moment her words. Running them through his mind one after another. She was trying to inform him of something, as much as she insisted she was fine, but obviously it wasn't the danger of gravitational force on a falling organic body. He had never been called a fool in his life, but even fools know falling down hurts.

He let his arms wrap around her in a gentle hug. giving her something in the form of support as he thought of what to say. He might not know how to respond, but at that moment she seemed very, vulnerable. I great need of someone else to lean on just to lighten the load of what she carries on her shoulders. Then, slowly, it hit him. it wasn't the content, necessarily, it was the conclusion. Everyone fears loss, but only a few people let the fear of it paralyze them, or trick them into feeling that it is simply how life is from now on. It was a defensive sign that the person in question, just couldn't mourn loss anymore.

"I am thrilled to hear the boy is fine. You are right, life is frail at times. I could trip and fall right this moment and crock my head open like a egg on the stone floor." He took a small breath. suddenly in realization of how close he is to her. banishing any further thought on the simple fact. "But that is why we have others to help us. You are right, without me making the decision I did, the boy might well have died, without you doing what you did, we both would have likely ended up dead."

"You are also right that the void of one that has fallen can eat you alive, if you let it. On Coruscant, none of the main walkways or city streets have guardrails to defend from the airways that weave between the buildings. People who lived on the planet for a long time got to know these areas as the long drop. Because if you somehow miss the aircars as your falling, it is common myth that you could fall for days. Some legends even recount of people starving before their lifeless bodies hit the bottom. The only reason I say is because this was the fate my mother chose for herself, instead of the crushing decisions her life was made up of. I never knew her, but that decision, left a void where there should have been something solid. A clear and visible loss."

"I am sorry that I am rambling but all of it, was to tell you this. I used to wish, that I knew my parents. My life was not easy and many times felt like it would crush me underneath its weight. I survived, scarred, probably. But I did. Now I find myself not wishing for the past to change, as if by miracle. Because I wouldn't be the man I am now. I almost certainly wouldn't have been here, just at the right time, to save another life. Now, maybe because I did that, he can go on and make something grand of his. Maybe he will even save a life when he is older. In short, I must have the hope, that all things happen for some sort of reason. that all loss makes us stronger, and we choose the ending of our own story."

Role-Playing Questions

- Define god-modding, power-gaming, and meta-gaming in your own words.

God-modding - anything you say your character can do simply because, "You said so." Often this isn't so contentious, as say, I don't think anyone will dispute your characters ability to go and grab a glass from a bar, for example, but quite a few might contend your characters infallible ability to then shatter that glass over someones head.

Power-gaming - otherwise known as min-maxxing. basically legally making a character overpowered beyond his role -or- beyond what the character should be able to do. Basically playing the game not with roleplay in mind, but to have the strongest or most powerful character out there.

Meta-gaming - your Character knowing something they shouldnt but you do out of character. The best example I can think of is someone your character has never met before walking up to another and saying , "hello -enter name here.-" it can range from completely harmless to incredibly game breaking, and often, I find, very difficult to crack down on if someone knows how to do it well.

- Give a brief overview of who or what you believe your character is?

A loki-like kind of trickster. more a comic relief kind of character that, (hopefully,) can be passed off as a nutter or a jester not to be taken seriously in character, while applying some lighter-hearted levity to more serious situations oocly.

a kind of "why so serious?" joker type.

- Regardless of your character's actions, does s/he believe in the Masquerade?

He has never heard of it, so no! he doesn't believe in it.

- Have you read the Community Guidelines (Rules) and agree to abide by them?

yes I have and yes I do.

- Any final questions, comments or concerns?

none that i can think of...
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