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Erebos is a role-playing game based on White Wolf's very own 'Vampire the Masquerade: 20th Anniversary Edition'. Set in the modern nights era, in our very own fictional New Babylon situated in the heart of the Napa Valley, players may craft their characters and journey through
the World of Darkness as they see fit, and over the Internet rather than seated around a table.

Register today to join us and craft a character that will grow, and journey through New Babylon
(or around the world if that is your desire.) As you prosper in this adventure, we hope you enjoy
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HOUSE LORE Brotherhood of Orion

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Oct 29, 2015
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Ubi concordia, ibi victoria - Where is the unity, there is the victory.

This notorious secret society of elite witch-hunters first formed in Constantinople (territory of the Byzantine Empire). The Brotherhood of Orion as they came to be known, arose as the result of the soaring number of deaths incurred in a span of over three centuries across Italy and adjacent territories. Unlike traditional witch-hunters (or vampire-hunters), the Brotherhood of Orion swore to bring an end to every Erebos vampire in existence.​

First led by Lazarus of Nicaea whose only daughter was drained, mutilated and subsequently crucified upside down by a pack of vicious Vindicta Gangrels, the organization swept across lands under Erebos influence and put a fiery end to the open rule of vagrant Kindred who did not expect retaliation from those they considered inferior and insignificant in the grand scheme of things.​

Throughout centuries that followed, the Brotherhood of Orion continued to seek out Erebos havens and domains and hunt them down using every means at their disposal, some of which became detrimental even to their own kind. In 2016 for example, the Brotherhood of Orion released a bio-engineered plague, intent on wiping out all Erebos Kindred across the globe. Unfortunately, the plague turned out to be just as deadly to humans bitten by infected Vampires. Because the plague was slow-acting, it took nearly a year for mortals to be affected - yet like the Black Plague of Europe's Dark Ages, it decimated nearly one-third of the world's current population (in addition to two-thirds of the Kindred) before an antidote released by the Brotherhood Orion finally found its way to the hands of both species and put a halt to their dwindling numbers.​

A recent rumor has emerged about potential Orion spies having been seen on the Western waterfront of New Babylon, likely scouting the area for the purpose of establishing a new and future headquarters . . .​
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