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To ensure a friendly Out of Character (OOC) community and an enjoyable role-playing experience we ask that you follow our rules and respect our guidelines. If you have any questions or concerns with what you read below, feel free to contact a member of the Moderating Staff.​



Although we encourage debating and discussions among members, we will not tolerate any personal attacks, rude or insulting posts, or inflammatory posts or replies. The decisions we make regarding these posts are final.​
  • Extend respect, kindness and understanding to one another whenever possible.​
  • One word posts, agreements or disagreements without a qualifying statement, will not be tolerated.​
  • Replying to bump your thread is not allowed. Replying when the last post or reply is your own is only accepted in the stated forum(s).​
  • Advertising, spamming, or creating posts purposely to inflame others (trolling) or to promote a contest(s) is not allowed. This also applies to email, personal conversations, profiles, and signatures.​
  • Posts and replies that are sexually explicit are not allowed in the OOC forums. Our Moderating Staff members are the designated arbitrators on what does or does not violate our community standards.​
  • Discussion of illegal activity such as software/music/video piracy, and other intellectual property violations, is prohibited.​
  • Each member is asked to create no more than 3 accounts to start with. The only exception will be made for the Administrators, Super Moderators, or other designated Staff. You may register additional accounts after the first 30 days of your first application being accepted. We ask this so that players do not end up stretching themselves too thin by having to play too many characters simultaneously.​
  • We reserve the right to remove offensive posts without warning.​
Although these rules cover most common situations, they can not anticipate everything. Consequently we reserve the right to take any actions we deem appropriate to ensure these forums are not abused or disrupted in any way. An expanded article on Site Guidelines may by found by clicking HERE.​



Spamming is considered as posting a meaningless topic, off-topic replies, one or two word replies, quoting text to agree or disagree without a qualifying statement, or making numerous replies to the same topic one after the other in a short period of time. As the definition of spamming can be argumentative, some leeway may be tolerated; however, we ask that you refrain from doing so.​

Flaming of a member, or group of members, making personal attacks, or statements we feel are slanderous to another member, group, or organization, will not be tolerated in our forum. We reserve the right to edit out any text we feel is inappropriate.​

Use of Foul Language
The Foul Language filter is off and shall remain so as we understand there are occasions when no other word can portray a feeling or emotion, or generate the impact you are trying to describe. We ask that you use such words with discretion, as there are members of varying ages, and moral values, that may be reading your replies.​

In Character vs. Out Of Character
EREBOS RP consists of two types of forums: IC & OOC. Please take note of each category designation and post accordingly. Your IC replies will be made on behalf of the character(s) you are portraying, and OOC replies will represent you, the person/community member. OOC boards should never contain IC replies (or vice versa), with the exception of Site Staff posting to the effect of maintaining appropriate atmosphere of the site.​

God Modding
"God Modding" is, in essence, when a player’s character has the ability to do practically anything without set limits or boundaries.​

Metagaming is an "out of character" action where a player's character makes use of knowledge that the player is aware of but that the character is not meant to be aware of.​

Double Posting
Double posting is defined as two or more consecutive replies to the same topic made by the same member. If you have made a double post by accident, make note on the bottom asking a Moderator to remove it - or PM a member of the Staff with a similar request.​

Member signatures must not contain links to sites we find inappropriate or unlawful. Your signature may contain a link to another fantasy setting, non-adult orientated (aka, pornography-related), site or forum. Administrators must approve links to any other site or forum you wish to contain in your signature.​

Avatars must closely reflect the setting of this site and/or be a depiction of the character you are portraying. Limits on avatar sizes are posted in the upload form; should your image end up being too large, it will be automatically re-sized.​

In-line Images
EREBOS forums permits its members the use of images, whether they be uploaded as an attachment or remotely hosted by reputable companies (such as IMGUR, FLICKR, etc.). Your images must not be linked to any URL that hosts inappropriate or illegal material. Any such image found in violation of this rule will be summarily deleted.​



By joining EREBOS RP you agree that your account(s) and posts can be removed at the discretion of the Staff, if found in gross violation of our community rules & guidelines. As a member, you retain the copyright of all forum content authored by you. No one but you will have access to your account and you will never be asked for your username or password by any member of our Staff.​

Respecting Our Rules
Participating at EREBOS RP community is not a right, but a privilege, and we ask that you respect the rules contained herein. Although you may not always agree with the Staff with respect to certain issues or decisions being made, we ask that you respect the fact that we are doing what we feel is best overall, for our members and the community at large. We strive to remain a drama-free place; to this end, we ask that any complaints or appeals on this forum be made PRIVATELY, and allow our Staff reasonable time to respond to your concerns.​

Our goal is to maintain an ever-growing community of writers that enjoy Role-Playing in this genre as much as we do.​

We hope you enjoy our World of Darkness RP community,
Sincerely - the EREBOS Staff
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