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Below you will find a list of some of the most frequently asked questions on the site in the past. Be aware that this post is updated at random intervals, and therefore should be revisited on semi-regular basis in case you might have any new questions or concerns.​

Q. What universe does Erebos take place in?
A: Our Role-Play is rooted in White Wolf's tabletop game, called The World of Darkness [WoD], a universe of gothic horror. Our game is set in modern day fictional city of New Babylon, California. It is based on a play-by-post format, utilized both via forum and chat venues. This 'chronicle' currently features Vampire: The Masquerade and mortal venues, although we hope to include Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Mage: The Ascension at a later time - if there is enough interest. Our moods and themes feature elements influenced by film noir characteristics prevalent in the Gothic punk setting of Classic WoD, and are heavily influenced by Orwellian and Lovecraftian literary characteristics. Twists and turns await you just around the corner, as old trends become infused with new issues and concerns, relevant to the modern age.

Q. What is Vampire the Masquerade?
Vampire is a storytelling game of personal and political horror. In Vampire, you are the monster; you are a vampire struggling for survival, supremacy, and your own fading humanity. You’re afraid of what you are capable of (personal), and afraid of the inhuman conspiracies and mysteries that surround you (political).

Q. Is any prior World of Darkness knowledge or experience needed to join Erebos?
A: While helpful, prior knowledge or experience is not necessary to role-play with us. All the information you need has been included on the site, for those who are new to this game setting and those who need a quick refresher. Should you have any questions or concerns about character creation, please ask. The Staff is here to help you in any way we can and we are only a PM away!

Q. I've decided to join. What kind of character can I start off with?
A: You have the option to play a mortal (human) or a vampire (Kindred). So for your first character, we suggest you choose whichever you would feel more comfortable with. While vampire characters have their designated 'underground mafia' groups (Erebos, Maledictus, Concordia), mortals can be normal residents of the city or they can join the clandestine ranks of a hunter organization, known as the Brotherhood of Orion. But if you want to keep it simple, just choose a race and play unaffiliated for a while - until something strikes your fancy. If you are entirely new to the game and its universe, we suggest starting off as a Mortal resident until you feel ready to handle something more 'robust', like a vampire enforcer, or a hunter/spy.

Q. Do you allow werewolves, mages, ghosts, etc.?
A: Not at this time, although once we grow as a community, such an expansion is not only possible but highly desirable.

Q. Can we make "___fill-in-the-blank___"?
A: Currently, you can only create Mortal (human) or Kindred (vampire) characters. Human characters may be further split into blood dolls, ghouls or even revenants - but they still use the Human/Mortal Application to create. As far as Kindred, see the Vampire application (as well as the articles included in the Mythos) to see what generations, clans and disciplines are currently in use. You may assume that anything that is NOT mentioned is by the same token, disallowed at this time.

Q. What happened to the stats & dice? Who decides the outcome of a critical (and possibly violent), encounter?
A: We are strictly a play-by-post community, so rolling dice and accruing experience points is not necessary. Our characters grow and develop by way of story telling. Some key elements of the World of Darkness universe (such as Clans, Disciplines, Age, Generation, Demeanor, Concept, Nature, Flaws, Merits, etc.) have still been incorporated into House Character Sheets, but are mostly used to facilitate storytelling across the community.

The outcome of a physical conflict will be determined by players, except in the cases of Special Events, where outcomes (like a skirmish or a duel) will be facilitated by the Storytellers. In an event where players themselves cannot come to an agreement within their own thread(s), again, a Storyteller will step in to determine the outcome, based on all that had occurred in the thread and any pertinent information included on applicable character sheets/applications/profiles. It is therefore, very important, to keep your applications and profiles up to date - as a basic courtesy to other Role-Players (Storytellers included).

Q: What is the current Setting?
A: The current story takes place in 2020, in a fictional city of New Babylon, located in Napa Valley (California, USA). Our timeline does NOT follow the VtM timelines - so for all intents and purposes, it is considered an ALTERNATE TIMELINE.

Q: What does holy water/cross/other religious items do to a vampire?
A: Nothing? Unless of course, you're a Baali (a demon worshiping vampire - currently unplayable) or the object is being wielded by someone with True Faith.

Q: What does it take to kill a vampire?
A: Fire, sunlight, total dismemberment or destroying the head. Fire causes aggravated damage that can't be soaked or otherwise stopped unless you have Fortitude or some other mystical defense, same goes for sunlight but worse. If something rips you to itty bitty pieces you will die and if your body takes enough damage you'll die. Get decapitated and you will die. If you lose 1/4 of your head you'll fall into torpor though, and a stake to the heart will usually just paralyze you.

Q: Can vampires eat food?
A: No, food and drink will always turn to ash in their mouths. Except blood, obviously. If you take a certain merit you can eat human food, but you will derive no sustenance from it.

Q: Can vampires have sex?
A: Yes, but just like with food, there is no point. They cannot get pregnant; cannot derive any pleasure out of it and even have to spend a blood point to ejaculate or orgasm convincingly. The most exquisite pleasure for a vampire is derived from drinking blood. Drinking blood (The Kiss) is a pseudo-sexual experience for vampires anyway.

Q. Can a vampire and a human procreate?
A: Technically, yes, but it is VERY rare. Having said that, it is CRITICAL to understand the circumstances under which such an anomaly would be allowed here, in Erebos. Dhampir is a term used to describe a "half-vampire", the product of a human and vampire parentage. They were originally thought to be an impossibility, but in the final portion of modern nights (Final Nights), they not only came into being, but became disturbingly more common. See the spoiler below, for details.
As full-blooded kindred are no longer sexually potent, it is impossible for one of them to parent a child. In the case of a pregnant female who is Embraced, there is an immediate miscarriage. Occasionally, ghouls have been known to become pregnant, but as they are not full-blooded vampires, the child usually comes out ghouled themselves. In these cases, the child is known as a revenant.

Being unable to reproduce, however, does not necessarily apply to a thin-blooded kindred of one of the high 14th or 15th generations. Thin-blooded lack the potency of blood that low-generation vampires get their powers from, but their limited abilities also give them some human advantages; one of those is fertility. A thin-blooded can impregnate or become pregnant with a child capable of carrying to term; the result of these unions are dhampir. Female thin-blooded who must carry the child usually have a difficult pregnancy, as the bodies of the undead are not meant to carry children.​

Q. Can I play a very young (i.e., child) vampire?
A: If you ever watched (or read) the Interview with the Vampire, you know the answer to this one: embracing very young persons is taboo in vampire society. They are viewed as abominations and are shunned by the Kindred who see them as a great threat to The Masquerade. Both Childe and the Sire often fall prey to severe actions taken upon both, often resulting in their Final Deaths. Thus, playing a child vampire is NOT ADVISED, unless you are fully aware of the consequences and still wish to proceed. Given that the subject is highly controversial both IC and OOC, only 1 Child Vampire may be in play on the board at ANY GIVEN TIME.

Q. Are hybrids permitted?
A: Yes and no. We are working on introducing a house faction called Keres, who are daywalkers born of ghouls, endowed with vampiric powers (like the dhamipir). Those will be the only 'hybrid' types allowed for the time being although they have not been officially released, yet.'

Q: How do we use Disciplines in role-play?
A: Plain and simple: describe your actions in your post, as they pertain to the discipline being used. At the bottom of your post, list the name of the discipline(s) used along with appropriate level(s) to designate what specific power is being utilized - enclosing in a spoiler tag, like this (so that it is not disruptive to other players as they read through your narrative):
Animalism (2)
You have just indicated that you've used Beckoning, to call over a pack of feral wolves (for example). Your RP narrative should have described the action involved in employing the sill of 'Beckoning', and the spoiler tag with the information is included as a courtesy to other players and the STORYTELLER, as well as an indication that you understand how to properly use the power.

Q: Why only Vampires and Mortals; why no Ghouls?
A: We figured most players would not be interested in playing sycophantic addicts, not with everything else that is going on in Erebos already. So for the time being, any and all ghoul characters will be NPCs handled and controlled by Players and Storytellers, alike. This could of course, change in the future - and we may very well bring Ghouls on board as playable characters - if a significant, plot-dictated situation arises to warrant such a change.

Q: Also, whatever happened to the Camarilla, Sabbat, Anarchs, etc.??
A: Since this is an Alternate Timeline, Camarilla, Sabbat, and the Anarchs (along with other sects) have outlived their usefulness and are no longer around. The Macchiavellian Plague (see Timeline of Events) would have played a large role in decimating their numbers. Their remaining survivors would have scattered and while some decided to remain independent or form new coteries, many others have flocked to the banner of Erebos, Maledictus and Concordia - the 3 underground vampire mafias still standing (and growing strong).

Q: What about the Gehenna? During this time, it should have happened already...
A: Again, we are running an Alternate Timeline (or universe, if you prefer). In our Timeline, the Gehenna hasn't happened yet, although the two main sects (Camarilla and Sabbat) are gone, as are the Anarchs.

Q: So . . . this is an adult board?
A: Did the fact there is a Clan that finds torturing things in ways more horrific than humans (Tremere & Tzimisce) can do as a past time tip you off, or was it the fact that there is a Clan (Toreador) which would take pride in viciously raping and ripping apart a random mortal in the name of art?

Do you have any questions that have not been addressed above? Feel free to post them below and we will do our best to address them ASAP - thanks!
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