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The city of New Babylon has the same civil and criminal justice system that the rest of the country has. Included along with that is a 911 system. All the trappings and bureaucracy of civil government can found in New Babylon.​

The New Babylon Police Department is one of the top rated law enforcement departments in the state. Through a constant interaction with the community, the men and women of the NBPD go above and beyond in their service to their communities. With Precincts in all the districts, the NBPD is ready to serve the people of New Babylon at a moments notice. This includes two man cruiser patrols, bike patrols, resource officers in the schools, and the Special Response Team based out of Police Headquarters in Fortescue.​

Fire Department
Fully funded along with a volunteer reserve, the NBFD is some of the highest trained in this part of the state. All members of the Fire Department, both front line and reserve, must go through the city Fire Academy located in Ocala. Here, they are trained in the latest fire fighting techniques, fire prevention, arson investigation, and emergency medical treatment. Each district has their own stations, each with an ambulance and either an engine or a ladder. The headquarters is in Fortescue, which houses the HazMat response team, the boat rescue, and Rescue Team 1. Two other Rescue teams are located in Meadow View and Hillcrest Ridge.​

The Feds
The local FBI, Treasury Department, and Homeland Security offices are all located within Fortescue. They work closely with the local authorities in tracking down anything that might be a threat to the security of the nation or the economy.​

City Government
Mayor Josiah Turnbull, a young liberal man from San Francisco was just recently elected to the position. His position as the Head of the City Council lasts for six years, and he can be re-elected any number of times. The rest of the Council is made of up the Deputy Mayor, and the Alderman's for each of the districts in New Babylon. Usually high ranking officials from other parts of the city sometimes sit in on City Council Meetings. These can be the Commandant of the Police Department, Chief of the Fire Department, the City Treasurer, Vice Aldermans, and the Public Works Director.​

In the last city election, Democrats pulled in a majority of the Alderman and Vice Alderman Seats, with only two staying Republican. The political attitude of the city seems to lean heavily to the left, especially in the more downtrodden areas such as St. Francis' Village. Though a large Conservative Majority can be found in Hillcrest Ridge. The Alderman and Vice Alderman of Hillcrest are both Republican.​

City Jail and Montesque State Prison
The City Jail which is co-located with the County Jail is near to the Police Headquarters and City Hall in Fortescue. It's Razor Wire and spotlights seem out of place in the grandeur that is Fortescue. On the other side of town, in Salem Heights is the Montesque Maximum Security State Prison. Here the worst of the worst are held, and many of the inmates are serving life sentences without the possibility of parole. The prison is in a secluded and secure part of the city, and the razor wire and guard towers clash with the surrounding architecture. Though all the city courts - Civil, Criminal, Family, Juvenile and all the supporting offices, can be found in the Lynn Compton Law Center in Meadow View.​

Mercy Medical System
The city of New Babylon is home to the Mercy Medical System. Throughout the city can be found clinics, pharmacies, drug rehabilitation facilities and two hospitals. The smaller hospital, St. Luther is found in Ocala. Whilst the largest and most prestigious hospital, St. Katherine's is located in Fortescue. Each facility is state of the art and provides the best medical care for a fraction of the cost, as most care is subsidized by the State. Private facilities are also available by request - a further fee will be required for those.​
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