HOUSE LORE Mortal Denizens of New Babylon

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Mortals are often referred by Kindred as kine, a somewhat old-fashioned and derogatory term, referring specifically to the living as the herd upon which the vampires feed. The expression “Kindred and kine” refers to all the people of the world, both living and unliving. The archaic singular (kow) isn't used. Canaille is an archaic term with the same general meaning as "kine", but even more dismissive of the mortal herd as a whole.​

The Citizenry
The normal citizenry of New Babylon live in a world where there are no vampires, no Kindred. They live their pathetic existences not knowing they are dancing to the strings of their true Masters. For the most part, the citizens live their lives in blissful ignorance, dealing with the typical day to day drivel that drives mortals these days. The mortal part of the city has all the normal trappings of a city. It has it's emergency services, important businesses, infrastructure and religious communities. It has it's upper class, middle class, and lower class neighborhoods and it's homeless. It has all that makes a city, a a little bit more.​

Key Businesses
There are several key businesses in New Babylon, some of them even controlled by mortals. Not taking into account the businesses that are owned or ran by Kindred, some of the most prominent include Sunshine Spa and Resort in Ocala, Imogen Cybernetics in Hillcrest Ridge, and the Rising Sun Brothel in St. Francis' Village. There are other businesses that are more powerful than these, but those tend to have a different sort of Executives in charge.​

Religious Houses
Surprisingly for a California city, Religion has a pretty stable foothold in New Babylon. Churches of all faiths litter the city, most predominately in Ocala and Salem Heights. From Synagogues to Temples, Mosques to Churches, you can find just about any faith in New Babylon. The largest of which is the St. Helena Catholic Church, located in Salem Heights. Through this parish, many of the masses of New Babylon's Humanity seek to atone for their sins and reach a new understanding with God.​

New Babylon has it's own water, power, and trash facilities. Each of the major districts have their own power substations and water pump houses. Sewage is treated at the NBWB Sewage Treatment facility located in St. Francis' Village and south of the city beyond the hills, is the Bringham Brothers Solid Waste Management Facility, co located next to the city's trash dump. There is also a sizable recycling facility located there as well. The New Babylon Water Board oversees all fresh water production and distribution, with intakes in the upper river and water conservation methods in use throughout the city. It's offices are located in City Hall, which is located in the Fortescue district, along with all city offices.​

The Rich, the Poor, and Those in Between
The upper class of New Babylon makes up roughly 20% of the population. Living predominantly in the Fortescue and Meadow View areas, some small communities of the elite can also be found in Hillcrest Ridge and Ocala. Believing themselves better than the standard plebes of the city, they hold their posh parties and keep their noses in the air. Easier to ignore those you walk on when you're not looking down.​

The middle class makes up the majority of the population in New Babylon, with roughly 50% scattered throughout all the districts of the city with the exception of St. Francis' village. These are the backbone of the city, and usually the deciding factor in any election. This is the demographic that the majority of the money is spent in order to purchase any election.​

The lower class are mostly cloistered away in St. Francis's Village, though the homeless can be spotted throughout the city's districts. They fill the underpasses and the parks of the lower class areas, and are quickly arrested and pushed out of sight in the upper class parts. Some view them as a blight on the city, but most view them as the poor souls lost in the sea of humanity, just looking for a hand to help pull them up. They'd have to reach with their hands first, in order to get the help that others want to give them.​
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