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When Erebos houses first came to be, the Head of each House (a Guardian) would form the Erebos High Council. All five guardians were formally bound to obey the edicts and laws set forth by the Autarch of Erebos, Marcus Julius Valerian.​

With the 'crippling' of Erebos by both the Great Revolt (which saw the purge of House Maledictus) and the unexpected exodus of House Concordia, the High Council has become known as 'The Triumvirate' or the 'guardianship of the three' (Tenebris, Limbus and Vindicta).​

Spearheaded by Valerian, The Triumvirate would enact resolutions, disperse aid and funding, initiate projects, decide territorial expansions, and hear grievances from its members. While the Autarch was not required to abide by the decisions of the High Council (and even wielded the ultimate power of veto against any decision arrived upon by The Triumvirate), the awesome power of the High Council meant that he would usually act in accordance with the governing body's wishes.​

High Council membership carries numerous rewards. Member Houses gain voting participation in Erebos referendums, a direct voice in Erebos affairs, and ongoing support in the form of diplomatic, legal, military or economic aid. In return, member Houses must abide by the decisions of the High Council as appointed and spearheaded by the Autarch. They must keep their affairs and retinues in obeisance of the Erebos laws and those of the Masquerade. They must also provide both financial and personnel support to the Autarch.

In addition to the legal and political intricacies at work beneath the surface of The Triumvirate, the fragile truce between former and current houses of Erebos places additional strain on the governing body whose job is to preserve the peace in New Babylon or else risk placing the tradition of the Masquerade (and the very existence of Kindred) in grave jeopardy.
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