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I reserve the right to refuse any commission request. My time is very valuable to me, and as such I keep my rates and prices fixed. My interests focus on fantasy and science fiction art, but I do not limit myself to them. This means that if you wish to commission an artwork that lies outside of these two realms, I may still be able to accommodate you as long as you provide me with adequate information and reference images upon making an inquiry. Please keep in mind that I will NOT accept any commissions that involve creating morally questionable images – if you are unsure what I mean by this, feel free to send me a note and I shall provide you with the specifics. Speaking of specifics – the more detail you provide me with when requesting a commission – the more accurate and detailed your finished artwork will be.


Before I agree to undertake any commission, you – as the client – must provide me with the following information:
  • Name (surname, given name)
  • Valid E-mail address
  • Age (I will accept commissions from clients who are under the age of 18, ONLY if they provide me with parent/guardian contact information. This information will then be verified, to ensure that the client is able to pay for the commissioned work.)


Any personal information you submit to me will always remain PRIVATE and will never be shared with anyone else.


Original copyright of my artwork resides with its creator (me). If the client wishes to use his or her artwork for commercial purposes, s/he must specify this during making the original inquiry as it WILL affect the price of the commission. The client may not reproduce commissioned art without the express consent of the artwork’s creator. At this time, PayPal is the ONLY method of payment I will accept (



All prices are in US $ dollars and are subject to change. Half the commission fee must be paid up front, and the remaining half upon completion. The completed digital artwork will be sent to the client only after full payment has been received.


After I receive your request with all the pertinent information, I will contact you with any further questions I might have. If there are none, and I decide to accept the commission, you – the client – will pay half the agreed price up front, and I will begin work on the commission. I will remain in contact with the client so s/he may view the work in progress as it is being created. (I will not go beyond the preliminary/concept stage of any commission until I receive the first half of the fee. Once the artwork is complete, I will e-mail the client the final version in a high res. PNG and JPEG format – while a watermarked copy of the work will also be posted in my Commissions gallery on Deviant Art. If you have any other questions or concerns about the creative process or anything else you have read in these guidelines – please feel free to drop me a Note. I will do my best to reply within 48 hours, depending on my Internet access and real-life schedule. Your patience is appreciated.


Feel free to visit my Deviant Art Gallery for the most recent samples of my work. Thank you for your interest.


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