Character Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 20 (standard years)
Height: 1.8m
Weight: 86 kg
Character Move: 10/12
Personal Quote: <pats self down> "Ah. I seem to have misplaced my credits. Would you mind?”
Character Health Points: 34
Character Initiative: 18
Morality: +10
Renown: 0
Spent FP: 0
Force Sensitive? No

Character Points: 6
Learning: (A) Rapid Shot
Teacher: Matthias Jayne
Sims Left: 12

Character Credits: 14,800 (2,800 Sovereigns)
Force Sensitive? No
Force Rank: N/A
Master: N/A
Character FP: 2
Development Points: --
Midichlorian Count: TBA

Physical Description:
Dark hair, brown eyes and tan skin. Has an athletic and muscular build and might be considered attractive if not for his unkept appearance. A visit to a sonic shower would not hurt either.


Character Bio:
Braddoc Marrl hails from the Uscru district on planet Coruscant. He was never a serious student preferring to socialize with his buddies. They would take the occasional foray into some of the city’s lower levels for a thrill. His parents were recently killed in a speeder accident under mysterious circumstances. His only remaining relative is his older brother Dannel. Dannel took over his parents’ market stall in the Entertainment District and also acts as a fence. Lately, some questionable characters have been hanging around the stall. Dannel revealed their parents were in debt and the market stall is in danger of closing. It was Dannel that convinced Marrl to try his hand as a bounty hunter to help with the bills. Marrl idolized his older brother and figured he would give it a go. It seems like easy credits...

Character Personality:
  • Braddoc is lousy with money, unlike his brother.
  • He has a blind spot when it comes to his brother and his illicit activities.
  • Braddoc does not like nature or furry creatures or care much for solitude. He prefers glass, steel and the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • Considers himself a “grown-up” at 20.
  • Tries to exercise cautious but will kick in a door (or a head) if he gets frustrated.
  • Posseses a knack for getting both in and out of trouble.
  • His default galaxy view is that most beings are lowlifes and are only out for themselves.
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