Character Species: Arkanian
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 2m
Weight: 95.25kg
Character Move: 12/15
Personal Quote: “The weather up here is just fine, thank you.”
Character Health Points: 35
Character Initiative: 11
Morality: 74
Renown: 4
Spent FP: 3

Character Points: 36
ADV. Jedi Warrior Discipline CP has been deducted!
Teacher: Marius Shae
Sims Left: 8

Character Credits: 8,330 (9,925 Sovereigns)
Force Sensitive? Yes
Force Path: Light
Force Rank: Padawan
Master: Marius Shae
Character FP: 6
Development Points: 71
Midichlorian Count: 11,419

Character Bio:
Cal is the descendant of a powerful Jedi Master who was also a superb swordsman. Cal is the first in many generations to actually be Force-sensitive, and as such has inherited a collection of knowledge started by his ancestor, Arca Jeth. Cal has also inherited Arca's natural ability with the lightsaber and has been fascinated by the stories passed down among his family about Arca's abilities to turn a desperate situation to victory through his martial skills.

For some time, Cal was forced to live a double-life. Cal’s Force potential was originally discovered during the Clone Wars by a Jedi Master who was stationed on his homeworld in the Outer Rim Territories. Master Kinadra immediately took Cal – three years old - as his Padawan, and was delighted to discover the young Arkanian’s lineage. There was no Clone Army presence there, and little chance for Cal to otherwise make the trip to Coruscant to begin training at the Jedi Temple. Cal’s family was thrilled by the prospect of having Cal trained as a Jedi AND kept close to home. The family patriarch called the clan together, throwing a celebration, and presenting Cal with a rucksack filled with a number of journals, both handwritten and electronic, along with a Holocron…the revered Jedi Lore passed down through generations.

After two years of training young Cal, Master Kinadra was faced with a tough decision; he received an urgent message from Coruscant ordering all Jedi back to the Temple immediately. Knowing he had to respond, but not wanting to endanger such a young Padawan, he left Cal with his assistant, Pierce, while he journeyed to Coruscant. He planned to consult the Council, inform them of his student, and update the Jedi Archives before returning home.

Several days after Master Kinadra left, Cal began having nightmares involving his Master’s death. Without Kinadra to consult about this, he did the only thing he could think of; he began meditating on the lessons his master had taught him, about always being at peace when communing with the Living Force. The Arkanian began his meditations to calm himself. As he reached that state of peace, he was suddenly assailed by a barrage of pain, grief, rage, and confusion. At once, he saw the ethereal form of Master Kinadra standing before him. The Master told him that great evil had befallen the galaxy; the clone army commissioned by Chancellor Palpatine had suddenly turned, cutting down any Jedi they encountered in a hailstorm of blaster fire. Kinadra had been attacked by a whole platoon of clones at the Jedi Temple, and by another unlikely source—Anakin Skywalker, a famed Knight and General of the Wars- but not before he beheld the bodies of youngling Padawans strewn about the entire structure. He managed to hold off the troopers and the traitor Skywalker for a while, deflecting lightsaber and blaster bolts alike, and by evading his attackers through wild, acrobatic maneuvers. In the end, however, sheer numbers had prevailed, and the Jedi Master was slain.

Now Cal had a new and final mandate from his fallen Master: “Survive. Blend in. Make yourself invisible, and do not draw attention to yourself. Study the materials left to you by your ancestor, and now me as well, but guard well your secret. One day there may come a time when you can again openly wear the robes of the Jedi; until then, do not reveal your true self. Pierce will escort you to safety, with your family.”

Taking this to heart, a young and anxious Cal immediately gathered up his belongings, which now included training materials from Master Kinadra as well as his store inherited from Arca Jeth. He was just finishing packing his belongings when Pierce arrived to collect him, visibly shaken. The loyal assistant shuttled the young Padawan to his parents’ estate, and passing on Kinadra’s instructions for them to go on the run immediately, and stay moving until the galaxy became safer. As Cal and his parents fled, quickly liquidating as many of their assets as they could, Pierce assisted with the sale of their estate, transferring the credits into a number of accounts. The trio traveled the galaxy, while Cal followed his last instructions, spending most of his time studying the materials he’d brought with him.

Tragedy struck when Cal was fifteen; the Empire caught up with the fugitives. Cal’s parents barely managed to send their son into further anonymity and hopeful safety with a friend, a freighter captain named Ydalla. He spent the next two years sharpening his technical skills, learning much about starship repair, as well as computer and security skills. Alas, the Empire once more caught up with him; deciding that his presence was a danger to everyone around him, Cal struck out on his own, spending a harrowing couple of years constantly moving, eking out a meager existence with the skills he had so far acquired. However, the Empire was persistent, and eventually caught his trail again. Knowing he was about at the end of his luck, he took a desperate gamble; he managed to steal a ship and, not knowing a great deal about astrogation, ended up plotting a course that took him into the Unknown Regions, where he was discovered and rescued by a patrol from the Albion Royal Confederacy, and brought to a place he thought he’d never see again: a place where he could study and operate freely as a Jedi.

Cal is often quite serious in demeanor; the vast majority of his life has been spent in hiding from the Empire. He has a serious distaste for anyone who has openly fallen to the dark side of the Force, and has no problems saying so. Every now and then, those who have come to truly know Cal, can see him come out of his shell a little, a hint of his early days in training with his Master. Mostly, he is concerned with his educational pursuits; his desire is to achieve consummate ability with all forms of lightsaber combat, and with any other weapon he can learn. He also greatly desires a vastly deeper understanding of the Force, the better to help eradicate the menace of those who would choose to serve the dark side.

Cal is a tall, broad-shouldered, muscular young man with longish white hair and white eyes. He’s always been large for his age, an attribute that has not only caused people to constantly misjudge his age, but has contributed to his survival in the face of Emperor Palpatine’s purge of the Jedi Order. Cal almost always wears black. He usually has an intense look on his face, and most of the time is quite serious; those few who get to know him can occasionally get a glimpse of the good humor reminiscent of his life before losing his master.
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