Civilian clothing - Ethan's outfit is in a pretty poor physical condition; it has seen a lot of wear and tear and it appears not to have been washed in months.

Jedi Light Battle Armor
Personal Armor
Scale: Character
Value: 4,000
Availability: 4,X
Protection: 1D/1D/1D
Source: Jedi Academy Training Manual (page 61)
GM's NOTE: This armor is custom-fitted to the wearer and does not carry a -1D DEX penalty.

Utility belt - A standard utility belt, this one has a handful of pouches containing a three-day supply of food capsules, a basic tool kit, a glow rod, and a couple of empty pouches for whatever else the wearer wants to add.

Tool Kit - A kit of various tools for electronics and mechanical devices, the tool kit provides +2 equipment bonus to all Repair and Craft checks.

├ Model: Standard knife
├ Type: Melee weapon
├ Scale: Character
├ Skill: Melee combat: knife
├ Cost: 25-35
├ Availability: 1
├ Difficulty: Very Easy
├ Damage: STR+1D (maximum: 6D)
└ Source: Rulebook (page 228), Tales of the Jedi Companion (page 125)

Jedi Training Stave
Type: Melee weapon
├ Scale: Character
├ Skill: Lightsaber, Melee Combat
├ Cost: 5
├ Availability: 1
└ Damage: STR+1D (maximum: 5D)

Jedi Lightsaber (on loan from Uri Varde)
Type: Melee weapon
├ Scale: Character
├ Skill: ADV. Lightsaber
├ Modifications: Pressure Grip, Stun/Kill Blade
├ Blade Color: Intense Teal
└ Damage: 6D

Scout’s Survival Pack
├ Type: Custom survival pack
├ Cost: 900-2,000 cr
├ Availability: 2
├ Contents: breath mask, personal comlink, datapad, water purifying canteen, glowrod, hold-out blaster (3D), macrobinoculars, medpac, personal moisture vaporator, rations, recording rod, survival shelter, syntherope, thermal flare, aquata breather.
└ Source: Gundark’s Fantastic Technology (pages 82-83)

+1 hilt and grip & +1 switch (from Cal's sheet)

Synthetic Danite Crystal (4D+2) - Teal (Rare!)