Character Species: Alderaani
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Height: 1.63m
Weight: 45 kg
Character Move: 10/13
Personal Quote: TBA
Character Health Points: 50
Character Initiative: 28
Morality: +98
Renown: 10
Spent FP: 7
Character Pic: See Below

Character Points: 23
Learning: (A) Profession: Surgeon (Cybernetics)
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Teacher: Self
Sims Left: 3

Credits: 64 161 (20 100 Sovereigns)
Force Sensitive? Yes
Force Path: Jedi
Force Rank: Knight
Master: Corvus Arca Dalen [former]
Character FP: 8
Development Points: 116
Midichlorian Count: 8 879


Character Bio:
Taken from her home at an early age, to be trained in the ways of the Force, Lana is like all of her race, a pacifist at heart. Was taken on as a Padawan at an early age, by one of the temples healers. When Order 66 happened she was behind the lines, helping to attend to the wounded, when clone troopers burst in and opened up on her Master. Not thinking twice, the young Padawan picked up her fallen Masters lightsaber and calmly cut down her Masters assailants before fleeing into the part of Kashyyyk known as the shadowlands.

During the first couple of days stay, she came across a wounded Kataran. Using the techniques taught to her by her Master, she nursed the wounded creature back to health. In return the creature treated her as part of its family rather than its Master. The creature would from this point on, till she left the planet on the Enduring Hope, never leave her side and be extremely over protective of her. She stayed in the notorious shadowlands for almost a month. Living and surviving off what the land had to offer. Eventually she rode out of the shadowlands on the back of her new found friend to see what was left of the world she had been brought up in.

In her many travels, Lana has acquired a pet pittin, and named him "Winky." He stays with her aboard the Enduring Hope.

Believes in the sanctity of all life, regardless of how they may feel towards who or what she is. Preferring to patch up rather then blow up, she usually takes the role of Field Medic/Healer on missions. Is a naturally quiet and warm-hearted person who never refuses to help those in need.
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