Character Species: Baseline Human
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Height: 1.85 m
Weight: 90 kg
Character Move: 10/13
Personal Quote: "Can you please repeat that into the end of my blaster?"
Character Health Points: 50
Character Initiative: 17
Morality: +74
Renown: 11
Spent FP: --
Appearance: See Below

Character Points: 48
Learning: Catch!
Teacher: Gifted Learner (DEX)
Sims Left: 5

Character Credits: 4 415 (22 170 Sovereigns)
Force Sensitive? No
Force Path: --
Character Force Rank: --
Master: --
Character FP: 8
Development Points: --
Midichlorian Count: 5 795

Character Bio:
Matthias Jayne was born to a rich and prominent family on Corellia. Born a few years before the start of the Clone Wars, he was being groomed to take over his family business (droid manufacturing) upon coming of age. He wasn’t interested in droids, but serving the Republic. As soon as he came of age, he joined the Grand Army of the Republic.

Joining the Republic Infantry, he was shifted from one war zone to the next, always with the mobile assault teams and hell bent on taking the fight to the separatists. If tallies were kept, Matthias would have been responsible for personally killing the equivalent of whole companies of droids and separatists. He even saved the occasional Jedi from time to time, earning him the gratitude of several of the younger, more head strong Force users. They always seemed to be the ones that needed saving the most.

His assault team was working closely with a group of Jedi, taking the fight deep into the Seps...when Order 66 was issued by Palpatine. He watched with horror as the clone troopers he had spent the past few years with, had counted as allies and brothers all, swiftly gunned down the surprised Jedi. He tried to stop the troopers, to plead with them that the Jedi were allies, but the troopers didn’t stop, though they seemed to disdain in their duty. But they had a duty, nonetheless. He watched a handful of Jedi being gunned down right in front of him. And he could do nothing about it.

Returning to his quarters, his emotions shifting from rage, to sorrow, to horror at what the Supreme Chancellor had done. Turning on the holo to get a news update, he saw a recording of the Chancellor’s speech, about how the Jedi had attacked him, and how he had barely survived. That was impossible, Matt thought to himself. The Jedi didn’t get involved in politics - or did they?

He continued doing his best to fight the Separatists and stay true to his oath to the Republic...until the day the Republic died. With the birth of the Galactic Empire and the end of the Clone Wars, Matthias took his leave from the Republic he loved, and arrived on Nar Shaddaa. There, he set up shop as a bounty hunter, providing his services for those that could pay, surviving day to day. And he’s been doing that ever since.

Serious and quiet, interested in security and peaceful living. Quiet, kind, and conscientious. Usually puts the needs of others above his own needs. Does not like conflict, but will finish a fight if one is started. Loyal and faithful. Not interested in leading or controlling others. Needs positive reinforcement to feel good about himself.

He has been bounty hunting for a while now, and always tries to bring his bounties in alive. Knows when to fight, and when to flee. Tries to blend in with a crowd and go unnoticed by all, even allies. He’s quiet and somber, and not one to offer opinions freely. But if he considers you a friend, he will go through Hell to ensure you’re safe and happy, even at the cost of his own health. Has seen the Galaxy and the Republic he had come to love, turn to ashes because of the Sith and Palpatine. Now he’s just living day by day, looking for a cause to fight in again.
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