Societies of the Albion Cluster

This document provides a brief OOC description of each of the four main nation-states within the Albion Cluster of the Unknown Regions. This is meant only to provide a synopsis of their cultures or society. It is not to be considered authoritative or exhaustive, and may be updated from time to time, as elements and details emerge.

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Albion Royal Confederacy

Constitutional Monarchy - Theocratic Mertiocracy

Leader: Queen Elicia II
Legislative Body: Bichameral Parliament

Notable Persons:
- Lady Maryell - Personal assistant to QEII, former Headmaster of the Royal Academy (Force Adept school of government)
- Sir Lucien - Queen's Ranger, former Duke of Alzada City
- Lady Althea Kinton - Academy Student, gone Rogue & Recovered.

Culture/Theme: Mideval Fantasy meets Shadowrun

Modernized Fuedalism, with a society that values justice and goodwill. The oldest, and most powerful of the governments within the cluster, they see it as their duty to continually defend against the resurgent Rakata threat - whom they cast off their chains from, millennia ago. Their leadership structure is based upon Force Sensitivity, with adepts being chosen soon after birth for education in governance and eventual placement within the ruling elite, regardless of heredity. Force dynasties have formed, and titles/territory can be passed in a hereditary fashion, but only to the strongest and most adept of the offspring. This inherited nobility, be it familial or birthright, is seen as the duty of all born with ability in the Force, and they must serve the public good - be it as Lord of their own fiefdom, a servant of the Monarchy itself, or a commander of the armed forces, which protect the cluster and bear the brunt of the myriad of threats that constantly besiege the Albion cluster. With their powers, they are expected to be benevolent, adhering to ancient traditions of chivalry and honor. Though unknown to most of the public, there is a secret organization controlled by the Monarch, that enforces these tenets, and either re-educates or eliminates any would-be Dark-Siders who emerge within the ranks of the ruling elite.

Counterbalancing this system of theocracy is the Parliament, composed of an upper house of nobles, and a lower house elected from the non-force-sensitive general populace. It is a complicated amalgam of democracy, bureaucracy, and feudalistic territorial power.

The Albion Navy is considered the finest in the sector, and is both numerous and formidable. Preferring to engage their enemies outside the cluster, and keep enemy incursions and battles away from their own territory, this strategy has long kept the entire cluster safe, even at great cost over the centuries. While they do have technologically advanced armies and ground forces, it is the Albion Navy that is truly the crown jewel of the Confederacy, and the basis for their ability to project power both throughout the cluster, and beyond.

Leonan Republic

Classical Republic - Elected Meritocracy

Leader: Queen Varika - President & Consul of the Senate
Legislative Body: The Senate

Culture/Theme: Neo-classical, Essentially...Romans in Space.

Ruthless in their adherence to discipline and reverence for the state and it's collective glory. Highly skilled in land warfare, their navy has relatively few ships. Their warships are generally of compact, but powerful design, while their largest are reserved purely for mass personnel transport. Value honor, discipline, and loyalty. They have a tense relationship with the Albion Royal Confederacy, and have fought several wars with them over the past centuries. Their armies are vast, and organized into fighting legions. They never do anything small, militarily, if they move, it is with entire legions or armies, never piecemeal. They prefer to move in en-masse, and defend or attack with unrelenting resolve, until their enemy's resources are expended.

While outwardly they abhore elitism, this is seen by outsiders to be hypocritical, since their emphasis on personal honor and merit leads to the same patterns of oligarchy that other societies have, albiet a naturally competent one. Failures, disgrace, or exposed corruption often lead to swift falls from power, with graceful exits from public life on one end of the spectrum, to outright assassination or public lynching on the other. In Leonan society, disasterous consequences await those who displease the public, the army, the Senate, or all any combination thereof.

Force Adepts are trained in special schools with nearly the sole purpose of becoming Battle Mages, to be embedded with the regular Army to bolster the army's prowess. They train both for personal combat, and in techniques that benefit masses of soldiers at a time.

Halcyon Alliance

Meritocratic Chieftain-ate

Leader(s): The Regent, The Archuras
Legislative Body: The Moots

Culture/Theme: Norn from Guild Wars meets Techno-Mecha, set in basically Pandora on steroids with godzilla and friends for good measure.

A high-tech, fiercely individualistic society of hunters, each individual seeks fame or glory in their own way. Society is built around each indivudual building their personal legend, which is kept and recorded in official records. Highly reverent of nature and the natural world, preferring to pit themselves against it in direct individual contest. Supremely confident, yet once a challenge is clearly too big for any one individual, they will gladly band together to share in the glory of the challenge.

They have ambivalent relations with other governments, mostly due to lack of interest. They feel relatively safe and confident in their ability to ward off attacks from the Rakata, which they apparently do without the need for outside assistance.

At each level of government, major decisions are decided in raucus meetings known as 'Moots'. Whether local, city, regional, or planetary, these are called at any time, and for any reason, with their legitimacy contingent on a quorum of sufficiently legendary persons in attendance.

A rowdy mixture of party, debate, and election all rolled into one, these Moots are where the vast majority of what passes for governmental business gets done. Throughout the proceedings, deference is given to those with the greatest legend, though it is considered socially required to give those with more minor legends at least a perfunctory chance to be heard...if only briefly.

At the top of Halcyon society, are two special individuals... The Regent, and The Archuras. Individuals must gather enough legendary feats and respect to become either one, by a margin of over 3/4 of the planetary Moots. The chosen individual sheds all trace of their individual self, to take on the role of their title. Once this ritualistic and symbolic process is complete, they act as the embodiment of the 'ideal' Halcyon citizen within their spheres of influence over society, and thus command immense public deference and respect. To outsiders, it can be confusing which one is the true 'leader' of Halcyon society, and either opinion would be correct. In matters of state, nature, finance, or diplomacy, and other community-oriented fields, The Regent is considered the expert and authority. In matters of hunting, technology, warfare, and other individualistic pursuits, it is The Archuras that is considered the leader and pinnacle to which to aspire. While it is not uncommon at all for individual Halcyon to openly disagree with The Regent or The Archuras, they will almost universally defer to their judgement anyway, if for no other reason then out of respect for their having earned the right to make decisions for all.

Environmental Factors:

Most of the Halcyon worlds are lush, overgrown with highly dangerous creatures that vary greatly, from average size, to gigantic leviathans many stories tall. Many creatures have Force powers or manifest other abilities, both biological and mystical. Cities are built to avoid conflicting with Nature, both out of safety, and to preserve the natural environment as much as possible. Known as consummate beastmasters, they have domesticated some of the more dosile creatures of their worlds, though most creatures are far too hostile and dangerous to even attempt. For the truly massive creature threats, of which there are many, they have developed large mechanoids of various sizes and abilities to patrol and defend their enclaves.

Huey Altepetl Theocracy

Theocracy/Monarchial City-States

Leader(s): Debatable
Legislative Body: Varies

The space claimed by the Huey Altepetl Theocracy is jealously guarded and nearly no trade or discourse happens between it and the outside world, unless expressly by invitation. What little is known is that while there are various tribal leaders of varying power and influence throughout the Theocratic worlds, it is the Religious Orders that truly hold all the power in this region of space. How many of these various sects, and how great their power and influence among one another are, is difficult for outsiders to know. Ostensibly, every order has areas where they have nearly total control, yet there are no clear territorial boundaries to speak of. Several sects may coexist on one world rather peacefully, whereas on another they may violently clash. Local chieftains, monarchs, warlords, and other potentates often either ally with a particular Order, or they may pit the orders against one another to further their own ends.

In whatever case, it is nearly impossible to enter the Theocracy without being asked to, as ships who have tried learn the hard way that there is a nearly impenetrable barrier that prevents ships from moving beyond the border - whether in Hyperspace or not. Thus, this unnatural forcefield borne of a power beyond outside understanding, combined with the whispered stories of untold riches and soul-freezing terrors that emerge from those asked to enter for trade, serve to fuel the speculation, rumors, fear, respect, and wonder by all of the other peoples within the Albion Cluster.
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