Race: Thyrsian (Echani)
Gender: Female
Alias: Uri Denke
Age: 37
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Character Move: 10/13
Personal Quote: "Perfect Valor is to do, without a witness - all that you could do, before a whole world."
Health Points: 50
Initiative: 30
Morality: +70
Renown: 3
Spent FP: 91

Character Points: 17
Learning: ADV: Back to Back
Teacher: Self
Sims Left: 3

Character Credits: 150,000
Force Sensitive? Yes, but unaware of it.
Force Path: --
Force Rank: --
Master: --
Character FP: 9
Development Points: --
Midichlorian Count: 13,790

Eye Color:
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Skin Color: Medium Brown
Build: Athletic

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Character Bio: Not much is known about this woman's background, except that she was brought to Coruscant as a toddler and raised in the Jedi Temple. She eventually became apprenticed to a high-ranking member of the Jedi Council and at some point attained the rank of Jedi Knight, although she left the Order shortly afterwards - and no one knows why. Suffice it to say, she became a mercenary for hire and a bounty hunter of the highest renown who seemed to recall nothing about her past as a Jedi. To this day, she recalls nothing of that time and has no idea she is even Force-sensitive.

A natural-born leader, she embodies the gifts of charisma and confidence, and projects authority in a way that draws crowds together behind a common goal. She is often characterized by a ruthless level of rationality, using her drive, determination and sharp mind to achieve whatever end she has set for herself.

If there’s anything she loves, it’s a good challenge - big or small - and she firmly believes that given enough time and resources, she can achieve any goal. This quality, and her ability to think strategically and hold a long-term focus while executing each step of their plans with determination and precision makes her a powerful leader figure. This determination is often a self-fulfilling prophecy, as she pushes her goals through with sheer willpower where others might give up and move on, and her extroverted nature means she is likely to push everyone else right along with them, achieving spectacular results in the process.

At the negotiating table, she is dominant, relentless, and unforgiving. This isn’t because she is cold-hearted or vicious, per se – it is more that she genuinely enjoys the challenge, the battle of wits, the repartee that comes from her environment, and if the other side can’t keep up, that’s no reason for her to fold on her own core tenet of ultimate victory.

Emotional expression isn’t her strong suit. Because of her extroverted nature, her distance from emotions is especially public, and felt directly by a much broader swath of people. In a professional environment, she has a tendency to simply crush the sensitivities of those they view as inefficient, incompetent or lazy. To her, emotional displays are displays of weakness, and because it is easy to make enemies with this approach – she will do well to remember that she absolutely depends on having a functioning team, not just to achieve certain goals and objectives, but for their validation and feedback as well, something she is, curiously, very sensitive to.

STRENGTHS: efficient, energetic, self-confident, strong-willed, strategic thinker, charismatic, inspiring.

WEAKNESSES: stubborn, dominant, intolerant, impatient, arrogant, cold, ruthless, poor handling of emotions.
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