1. Raine

    IDEA! Inspiration Tidbits

    Sever Force was a non-lethal Force power by which a being's connection to the Force was interrupted, or blocked from them with a wall of light side energy. According to the ancient Jedi scholar Odan-Urr, severing an individual's Force connection was the most powerful attack a Jedi could perform...
  2. Raine

    CONFERENCE Cool RP & Sim Quotes

    'Bless the Architect and Her wisdom. Bless Her coming and Her going. May Her passage cleanse the galaxy. May she pass into the Light of the Force..." ~ Raine's prayer, at the moment of the Celestial Yrvae's 'death'.
  3. Matthias

    Funny Quotes (Thread by Raine)

    Lana suggested that it might be fun to start a thread showcasing funny quotes from characters and members, alike - so here it is! Feel free to post your funnies and please remember to use quotation marks as well as stating who said it, like so: Example: "Stand back - I don't know how big this...