1. Raine

    NOTICE Raine's Vision Update

    I will be wrapping up my RP threads on or before June 30th, whether they are finished or not. Unfortunately, my only remaining eye (which is already severely myopic but can still read for short periods of time), has begun to show signs of the same cloudiness that the other one has fallen victim...
  2. Raine


    Since using the Calendar is becoming problematic for the SGM due to her waning eyesight, here is a simplified schedule of Sim/RP events. Since 99% of sim events (with the exception of an occasional charsim on Discord and weekly SWTOR Activities) take place on a SUNDAY, here is how the Sim...
  3. Raine

    NOTICE Sim Cancellation

    There will be no Sim on Monday, October 5th, due to Xadao having surgery that morning. He will attempt to resume the Dark Stryder campaign on the following Monday, pending no complications from the latter.
  4. Raine


    Every community member joining SWO is encouraged to participate in our live RP simulation events, which require roughly 3-4 hours of one's time, once per week (usually on Sundays). This does not mean, however, that a potential Role-Player (RPer) is limited to live RP alone. SWO encourages all...
  5. Raine

    CONFERENCE Cool RP & Sim Quotes

    'Bless the Architect and Her wisdom. Bless Her coming and Her going. May Her passage cleanse the galaxy. May she pass into the Light of the Force..." ~ Raine's prayer, at the moment of the Celestial Yrvae's 'death'.
  6. Raine


    All our live action Role-Playing events take place in our very own chatroom: SWO RPG CHAT, courtesy of one of our members, Matthias Jayne (Ray). You do not need a web cam or a mic to attend these; our actions are typed out and not spoken. As Sims (or RP events) are scheduled a week or so in...
  7. Raine


    I am posting this information to see if anyone here would be interested in pursuing an Alternate Timeline taking place thousands of years ago, when Jedi and Sith were as numerous as the stars in the night sky. This would involve creating new character sheets (1 per player), specifically...