1. Raine

    Chrysalis Campaign Sim

    This portion of the Official SWO Campaign is brought to you by the HGM, Davin Kabak.
  2. Raine

    Upgrades Sim

    Monthly upgrades for November 2020.
  3. Raine

    Chrysalis Campaign Sim

    Continuation of the main SWO campaign.
  4. Raine

    CONFERENCE Sim Schedule Changes

    Davin's schedule at work will be changing ASAP. He will no longer be able to run Sunday Sims as he will be working on Sundays from 2 PM to 10 PM until further notice (translation: until hell freezes over.) This means, no more Sunday Campaigns. His new days off will be Friday and Saturday but he...
  5. Raine

    NOTICE Upcoming Sims

    Sunday, May 19th CAMPAIGN SIM CANCELED due to the HGM being sick and not sleeping last night - but a Training Sim may still take place, pending who shows up. Davin would like to run through Junie's armor scenario. Just keep your eyes peeled on the Live Sim chat and stick around from 2:00 - 2:30...
  6. Raine


    Up to this point, we have been trying to run our Upgrade sims every last Saturday of the month. However, the HGM's schedule at RL work has changed since then - to 2nd shift - meaning, he is gone for the majority of Saturday (1 PM to 11 PM), and that is NOT likely to change in the forseseeable...
  7. Callista

    CAMPAIGN Sunday, February 10th

    Because the HGM is working nights through Sunday, there will be NO Campaign Sim ran that day. However, pending the SGM's eyes working properly, we may run a Training Sim or an Adventure Sim that day in the regular slot - so just keep your eyes peeled in Discord - if there is a Sim, it will be...
  8. Raine

    NOTICE Thursday Night Sim - 21st of June 2018

    Guys, since we do not see anyone but myself and Davin online tonight (and it's already past 6 PM CST), we will not be running a sim tonight. We would need at least 3 players to get going and we have 1, plus a GM - so we'll try again another night and we'll definitely see you on Sunday afternoon!
  9. Raine

    CONFERENCE Cool RP & Sim Quotes

    'Bless the Architect and Her wisdom. Bless Her coming and Her going. May Her passage cleanse the galaxy. May she pass into the Light of the Force..." ~ Raine's prayer, at the moment of the Celestial Yrvae's 'death'.
  10. Matthias

    PUBLIC Training Area - Early Evening (Open to All)

    It was early evening on board the Orion, and Matthias was where he almost always seemed to be anymore - in the training room. When he wasn't training with the Marines, or doing paperwork, or at the firing range, he was here, pushing his body as far as it could go...and some would say even...
  11. Raine

    NOTICE May 3rd THU Night Sim

    ....will not take place this evening. Most of us will be watching the playoffs game (Davin/Xadao/Myself), so we will not be able to attend. We'll see you all Sunday afternoon, for the next installment of Chrysalis.
  12. Raine

    CAMPAIGN Sunday Afternoon Sim

    WHAT: Chrysalis Campaign or Other Event (Regular, Training, Character, etc.) WHEN: Every Sunday, 2 PM to 6 PM CST WHERE: CHAT (room depending on facilitating GM) WHO: Davin GMing (also Xadao or Raine, as applicable)
  13. Raine

    ADVENTURE Thursday Night Sim

    WHAT: Thursday Night Sim WHEN: 6 PM to 9 PM CST WHERE: CHAT WHO: Runk, Raine, or Davin GMing
  14. Raine

    CAMPAIGN Thursday Night Sim

    WHAT: Chrysalis Campaign WHERE: Davin's Sim Room WHEN: 6 to 9 PM, March 15th WHO: Davin GMing
  15. Raine

    ADVENTURE Thursday Night Sim

    WHERE: Raine's Sim Room | Chat WHEN: 6 to 9 PM CST (approx.) WHO: Raine GMing
  16. Raine

    ADVENTURE Thursday Night Sim

    WHEN: 6 PM - 9 PM CST (approx) WHERE: Runk's Room GM: Runk NOTE: Details are subject to change.