NOTICE Raine's Vision Update


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Sep 4, 2016
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I will be wrapping up my RP threads on or before June 30th, whether they are finished or not. Unfortunately, my only remaining eye (which is already severely myopic but can still read for short periods of time), has begun to show signs of the same cloudiness that the other one has fallen victim to. I must therefore, with a heavy heart, cut back on RP activity. It is becoming more of a stress than the joy it used to be and at this point in my life, I would rather not force something that isn't going to get better.

The progressive vision damage caused by macular degeneration I've been suffering with since 5 years ago has now begun to trouble my remaining eye capable of reading. Bottom line is, I can't respond to things I cannot read and I will not have Davin read out stuff for me, then me type a response and then him proofread it so he can post it for me. It's too much work and he has better things to do. Plus, it would become way too stressful to do it this way and I'm already stressed out beyond belief - with going blind, having been diagnosed with diabetes and having an autoimmune disease that has been ravaging my joints, optic nerve, and skin.

Thanks to all who have role-played with me over the years, I appreciate the willingness, the effort and the patience on your behalf - and thank you for the immense joy and fulfillment that writing with you has brought.

Love, R.